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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christian Girl Gang Raped and then murdered!

Shamim Maish sent us this update via LEAD:

Lahore: November 25, 2012. (LEAD) A Christian minor girl from Sahiwal, a city in Punjab, Pakistan, was murdered in the month of August 2012 after being "gang raped" by a group of five Muslim men.

Her father Rafique Masih told Chief of LEAD and President PCC Lahore that he was satisfied with the role of police officials and hopeful for justice from Pakistani courts.

He also shared that he was under heavy debt which he had taken from the owner of brick kiln. He is receiving death threats and warning to take back his complaint against the culprits.

He said thanks for legal support which is providing him through Advocate Javed Sohotra on behalf of LEAD in this case.

He also said thanks for a little bit financial support which LEAD has provided to his family, he also requested to support in paying the debt back to brick kiln owner who is demanding work against the debt money and making him compelled to work on his brick kiln factory.

He also shared that he and his wife and children were feeling insecure after this tragic incident happened with his family.

LEAD needed partners so that LEAD can expand its aid efforts in whole Pakistan.

LEAD is working against the social, Constitutional and religious discrimination of Christians and other Religious Minorities in Pakistan. Blasphemy laws, forced conversion, rape and abduction are at a very high level in Pakistani society. We provide legal assistance and support and safe houses for the victims of religious persecution in Pakistan.

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  1. You probably wouldn't appreciate what I'd like to say about the evil, and vile actions of these men, what I think about their manhood, their vile backward false religion, their false god or their pedophile false prophet.