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Friday, 7 June 2013

Three Christian women beaten, tortured and made Publicly nude over a row about goats!

Mushtaq Gill shares another torture report regarding poor Christians in Kasur: 

Over a  trivial matter three Christian women Arshad Bibi ,Sajida and Saruyia were beatened by armed Muslims, who entered where  they were sleeping in their house at around 11pm.  Unfortunately no man of the house was present except one 73 years old man Sadiq Masih and his wife Bibi Rani 70 years old.

The  Muslim landlords of the village Sereser Chak No.21  Abrahim,Muhammad Rafique ,Munir, Ahmad, Asif, Ahmad, Abid, Usman, Waseem, Waqas and Shabir and three unknown men, beat the women and took them out of the house to display their nakedness publicly.   No onlooker showed enoughcourage to save them from their torture.

Local victim Shoukat Masih said;

"A few days ago some of our goats entered the fields of the accused Muslim landlords.  The Muslim men captured and retained them.  I went to get them back and said 'give back my goats' but they refused, and hurled abusing words at me.  I was  slapped many times on my cheeks in front of many people, I was able to return back home after this."

Boota Masih said;

"On 2nd June, the landlords blocked the way of my brother Shoukat Masih when he was travelling to work, they exchanged angry words between ecah other, which resulted in Shoukat being told that being Christian how  dare he speak in a loud voice with them.  They then went to our house and  beat, tortured and made naked our women, while we were at work.  They also tortured our 73 year old father and wounded his one leg"

Shoukat Masih added;

"On 3rd June during the morning we made contact with Rev.Saleem Gill DS Pattoki Church of Pakistan.  He took us to Pattoki Police station.  The officer in charge refused to hear our request and rejected our complaint completetly".  He further added; "That evening some police officials also raided our house along with the Muslim Landlords.  Together they threatened to involve us in a criminal case."

The following Morning Rev.Saleem Gill made a request to Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, National Director LEAD to provide legal aid to the family.

Mustaq Gill visited the village and has met the family.  Information regarding the case has been forwarded to the Detective Superintendent of Pattoki, who has now registered an FIR against the accused landlords who beat and made publicly naked the Christian women.

FIR No.231/13 has been registered against the alleged Muslims perpetrators at Police Station Sadar Pattoki under Sections 452,354,337/FI,149,148 of PPC.

The accused Muslim men are now threatening the Christian family  with a counter claim.  It is believed their is  Police connivance.  Police have now also registered FIR No.234/13 under Sections 440,379,148,149 of PPC against the victims, to pressurise the Christian family into a compromise.

Other Christians in the area have advised Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill that they are also being victimised and mistreated, by the same perpetrators.


  1. This family are our brothers ans sisters in Christ. Let us join with them in a prayer for deliverance from injustice.

  2. Let us also pray against the Spirit of fear & terror which is from the devil. Pray for God's wisdom & unity for the Christiian leaders and also pray for grace & for the dignity of Christians in Pakistan.

  3. Please also pray against the spirit of fear & terror that is from the devil/satan (eneymy of us all!). Blessing. Suleman Javed