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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pakistani Christians protest in Manchester, for victims of Peshawar - during Conservative Party Annual conference!

Christians from the North of England joined London based BPCA, to call for justice for the victims of the Peshawar Bombings.

Whilst David Cameron spoke of new hope for the nation under a Conservative Government, during a Conservative Party Conference on Wednesday 2nd October 2013 - Pakistani Christians protested outside calling for a review of existing relations with Pakistan and "Special Status" for Christian refugees fleeing Pakistan.

Around 80 Christians gave up a days work to voice their concerns regarding the increased intensity and frequency of attacks on Christians of Pakistan.  The latest twin suicide bomb attack at All Saints Church, after a church service on Sunday 22nd September 2013,  is said to be the worst attack on Christians in recent years.  Estimates of the death toll range between 86 - 150 deaths and a further 100 casualties seriously wounded.

Further details of this incident can be found here:

Allegations of illegal organ removals from the victims being treated at "Lady Reading Hospital" has caused anger and upset to the local Christian community.

Despite promises of compensation to families of victims, from the provincial Government, no support has been provided as of today's date.  It has been alleged that the Bishop of Peshawar has refused 80 cheques for compensation, until the Government conforms it will compensate every victim of the tragedy, which number significantly higher then the Government's initial figures.  

Local Christians have had to pay for their own coffins through their own funds, donations from local Muslim's and the BPCA.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA said;

"This event has caused great ire amongst Pakistani Christians, our global diaspora have held protests in Italy, France, Canada, America and two in the UK.  We continue to clamour for justice and reform of the discriminatory practices of Pakistan."

He added;  

"We hope Britain will use it's foreign aid budget to lever change for minorities in Pakistan and that our Government will consider "Special Status" for Pakistani Christians.  Britain's illegal and immoral war in Afghanistan and Iraq have led to greater animosity and persecution towards the Christians in Pakistan. Whilst Britain offered asylum to victims fleeing Iraq and Afghanistan, no such allowance has been made for the growing number of Christian victims of these wars in Pakistan? It seems wise to review the current Home Office position, considering confirmation that the bombers attacked Christians in response to US drone attacks against the Taliban"

The BPCA have launched a Petition to challenge the Pakistani Government to protect minorities and for "Special Status" for Pakistani Christians whose troubles have exacerbated due to the failed war against terror led by Britain and the US:

(Click here)

Protest guest speaker Mr Sohail Gill said;

"After the attack CMH hospital refused to take in wounded victims, this led to a higher death toll then necessary.  The government of Pakistan needs to investigate this malpractice."

Revd Gill from Manchester said;

"This protest was an opportunity to remember those who have fallen.  Our community has suffered so much, for so long. We pray that the loss of these under such tragic consequences will move people in authority and result in a fairer society in Pakistan.  One in which all it's people can feel safe."

 The BPCA will be continuing its relief fund to help this beleaguered community.  Donations will pay towards false limbs, support for orphaned children and counselling for families grieving for the bereaved and injured.

If you would like to donate to our relief work our bank details are as follows:
Sort Code: 20-67-90
Account number: 63468976
Bank: Barclays
Ref:  Peshawar Bomb Blast

Alternatively if you would like to send a one of donation please use the pay-pal facility on the top right hand corner of our blog, or simply send a cheque made payable to the  BPCA  to our address 57 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1XG.
With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

Nelson Catholic community assisted with organising the protest.

St Edmunds Church, Manchester produced a large banner describing the atrocity.

Initial organisers left at 1pm leaving the BPCA to lead the protest.

Revd Gill from Manchester spoke of the need for prayer and support for victims.

Wilson Chowdhry led a short memorial service.

Banners and placards spoke of the anguish felt by all.

Visitors were appalled at the lack of support from Pakistan's authorities.

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