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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easter crazy children prepare for Easter Parade

Children display flags made for Redbridge Easter Parade.

Children of East Ilford were busy creating flags, banners, crowns, necklaces and shakers to be used at the Redbridge Easter Parade on 21st April 2014.   The event held at Clementswood Community Centre on Monday and Tuesday (8th and 9th April) had participants from four different Redbridge schools including, Highlands Primary, Cleveland School, SS Peter's and Paul's, Winston Way and also Thamesview Infants in Barking.

Children came from a variety of faith backgrounds including, Christians, Hindus and Muslims and all created traditional Easter items that once would have been commonplace in the UK.  The course was led by Elaine Hobbs, who is on the committee of the Redbridge Easter Parade; She said; 

"It was wonderful to see so many children participating together despite their many diversities. Easter is a time for love, peace and new beginnings and the children exhibited these attributes."

Wilson Chowdhry the event Manager for the Easter Parade said; "Many of the wonderful creations will be used during our Easter Parade in the centre of town, to be held on Easter Monday.  Allowing local people to enjoy a vivid and colourful procession."

The Easter Monday parade will run through the centre of town and a concert will be held on the town hall steps, other activities include; face painting, Henna art, Free sports activities, a bouncy castle and a funfair. The organisers are inviting people of all diversities to come and join the festive fun.

Children displaying their flags.

A welcoming sign advised participants of what they could expect during the workshop.

Children cut out coloured paper to create their stunning designs.

Wonderful shapes and bright colours made eye-catching creations.

A bright cross was made by this child. 

Stained glass window designs were bright and cheerful.

Children developed new creative art skills.

All smiles, great teamwork was visible.

The stained glass window designs caught the children's imagination.

Busy at work the participants used all the available resources.

Children enjoyed making necklaces.

Elaine described how to make the banners.

Children posed questions, eager to learn more.

Five different schools were represented.

Wow those are great necklaces!

Pastor Bryon Jones Chair of the Easter Parade Committee popped in to see how things were running.

Easter hats were adorned.

Art work was of a good standard.

Ooops! That crown has slipped!

Children than designed shakers to be used during the procession.

A moment of quiet time enabled the children to reflect on the true message of Easter.  Elaine described the ultimate sacrifice Christ made of His life, for all mankind.

Children interacted well and were willing to learn.

Everyone was given a chance to speak.

Children all has something to say.

Great togetherness was exhibited by children.


  1. well done.Another great initiative! Wish Iba had joined but had pre booked Gymnastics classes.