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Monday, 17 May 2010

Martha Bibi

I have received the following information from brother Tanveer Khan:

Christian accused of blasphemy faces court in Pakistan

Martha Bibi (45), a Pakistani Christian woman accused of blasphemy in January 2007 is scheduled to appear in court on May 26. If deemed guilty, she may face the death penalty. Martha has been accused of making derogatory remarks against the Qur'an and of "defiling the sacred name of the prophet
Muhammad." According to local Christians, the charges were brought against Martha by Muslim contractors who did not want to pay for materials she and her husband, a bricklayer, supplied to a construction
site. (Source: ASSIST News Service)

Pray that the charges against Martha will be dropped. Ask God to embolden Martha, her six children, and her husband. Pray that the blasphemy law will be abolished in Pakistan. 


  1. shaleem arshad sadiq18 May 2010 at 08:54

    u r doing a marvelous job brother.keep going on Jesus is with u and we are also.

    God bless u

  2. Yes I pray for Martha that God deliver her and that God listens the cry of Pakistani Christians to abolish the blasphemy law. I also pray for Muslims that God open their eyes to see the light and truth. My dream to see Pakistan as a Christian nation. Amen!

  3. You are all bumbling idiots - shedding one abrahamic faith for another.

  4. Tobias Malachi
    I have heard that there is a protest in London on 04/12/10 could you confirm as I would like to attend