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Friday, 28 May 2010

70 Ahmadi Muslims die in Lahore Terror Attack

Today 70 Ahmadi Muslims died in a purported Taliban led terror attack.  The attacks took place in two seperate places of worship (mosques) in Lahore.  In addition to the 70 deaths a further 100 people were injured, hostages were taken by gunmen and two suicide bombers added to the melee, in a horrid act of hatred.

The British Pakistani Christian Association condemns the attack and prays for a restoration of peace in Lahore.  We beseech the Pakistnai Government to take severe action against the perpetrators of such violence to bring to justice the terrorists responsible.

We pray for the beleaugured Ahmadhi people especially for the quick recovery of all those who are injured.

Read more about the incident by clicking (here)

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