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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Support for our protest March on the 31st of July is growing!

I now have full address details for our forthcoming planning meeting for our July 31st Protest March. The meeting will be held from 12:00 - 15:00 at:

Ley Street Centre

367 Ley Street

We are awaiting conformation from a Partner Christian Group in India who intend to hold a similar protest in Delhi and Bombay. Moreover, I have emailed a request for support to our brother Ashok Matthu of the International Christian Concern and hope for a positive response. We will keep you informed.

Here is an email from former Newham Councillor Alan Craig who has been invited to speak at our next protest:

Hi Wilson,

I plan to be there on 31st July. If you'd like me to speak I'm happy to do so. Unfortunately, I cannot make the planning meeting this Saturday. But well done for this initiative.

It deserves great support.

Alan Craig

We have also received confirmation that the Leader of Castewatch will be speaking at our event and that he will inform his group of our protest:

"Hi Brother Wilson,

It is to so encouraging to hear that your organisation has already condemned the cowardly attack on innocent members of Ahmadi Muslims.

It feels so good to see that people put their religious differences aside and can get together to deal with acts against the humanity. I'll forward your e-mail to all the members of our team and I am sure that you'll have our members from London attending your protest march
Davinder Prasad

Read more about Caste watch by clicking (here)

Our protest is opened to people of all faiths and those with no faith and we hope to hear from many more in the run up to actual event. You will all be informed via our blog and email shots. Some of you have already been called.

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