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Friday, 8 June 2012

BPCA and UK Electro-pop band launches campaign to support Christian mother sentenced to Death for defending her faith

Asia Bibi is a mother of five - sentenced to death in Pakistan for defending her Christian beliefs.

LONDON – Christian electo-pop band, Ooberfuse, in association with the British Pakistani Christian Association , announced details today for an all out media blitz to raise awareness for Asia Bibi. Asia is a Pakistani Christian mother with five children who has been sentenced to death by hanging for defending her Christian beliefs.
The Free Asia Bibi media-awareness campaign includes the release of a song titled Free Asia Bibi, a music video and an informational website,   The music video features a disturbing visual portrayal of the squalid prison conditions where Asia Bibi is being held.   She is the first woman in Pakistan’s modern history to be sentenced to death by hanging.
Hal, member of the band Ooberfuse said “when we were invited to be involved in this project we knew very little about the life and significance of Asia Bibi.  We started reading all of the press accounts of her trial and condemnation to death.”    Ooberfuse stumbled across Asia Bibi’s autobiography, which had been written in French with the help of a journalist.    They set out to translate it to English and were horrified by the profound injustice of her situation.  In the last paragraph of the autobiography Asia says, “now that you know me, tell those around you what is happening; let them know about it. This is the only chance I have of being freed from this dungeon.”
Cherrie, the front-woman of Ooberfuse stated “we want the world to not just hear her story, but to do something about it!  - If you’re based in the UK, please join us outside the Pakistan embassy on Thursday, the 14th of June 12noon to 2pm”   - To learn more about Asia Bibi please visit -  Watch the video at
Wilson Choudhry, aka Wizard MC, said "The way section 295C of the Pakistani Penal Code is interpreted in practice is an example of  growing extremism. Asia Bibi is a victim of this injustice and we should demonstrate our solidarity by doing what we can to tell her story. She is currently in jail but can still be set free either by getting the original verdict overturned or by a Presidential pardon. Join us in our campaign for her release,"
The song can be downloaded at - All Proceeds to be donated for the benefit of Asia Bibi’s family via the British Pakistani Christian Association.
Ooberfuse is an award winning Christian eletro-pop band based out of the UK.  They have been featured on EWTN, at the World Youth Day and have recently been commissioned by the UK Catholic Church to compose a soundtrack to promote religious vocations.  Learn more at
Contact: Hal St John,


  1. Asia Bibi has been, and continues to be, on my daily prayer list for a long time, and I am pleased to learn of any initiative that may bring about her early release.

    However, I also pray, daily, for Younis Masih. Can anyone provide up-to-date information about this brother - who was also sentenced to death under the Blasphemy Laws?

    Thank you.


  2. Sorry, nothing yet, although there has been talk of another trial coming up soon, which we've yet to pin down