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Friday, 1 June 2012

Chief Justice of Pakistan wins International Award for complicity in persecution!

Video of protestors confrontation at the awards ceremony

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) lent its support to protests today against the giving of a world-class award to the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court,  Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.  The International  Council of Jurists (IJC) is giving him the award today in London.  The BPCA argues that giving such an award to a man who has just passed down cases more in accord with Sharia law than international standards of justice is a slap in the face of the Chief Justice’s recent victims, Hindu women whose kidnap, rape and forced conversion and marriage Chaudhry upheld.  In addition, he dismissed representations by the leaders of the Hindu community seeking protection for their vulnerable girls.  

Mr Wilson Chowdhury, chairman of the BPCA, said ‘This is yet another case illustrating the contempt for the rights of minorities in Pakistan.  One girl, Rinkel Kumari, cried for her parents  in court and clearly stated she had been forced against her will to marry a Muslim boy, but the Chief Justice ignored her clear testimony and distress and handed her to her ‘husband’.  It is an insult to the minorities of Pakistan these international jurists persist in giving such an award to a man who makes himself and the state of Pakistan so complicit in the persecution of minorities.  The case sets another precedent, and the fact that this award is not being rescinded is another precedent.  The IJC is in effect making itself complicit and validating the systematic kidnap, rape, forced marriage and conversion of vulnerable minorities in Pakistan.’

He went on to add 'Should someone still be given a community award for previous good actions when they have recently also rioted and vandalized property?  The same principle applies here.  The IJC is spectacularly proving the old adage that the law is an ass - and is discrediting itself in the process.'

Other commitments prevented BPCA representatives joining in the protest.   The BPCA counters assertions that such girls voluntarily convert to Islam and sometimes say so by noting that it is routine in such cases for the kidnappers to threaten to kill their families or bring false blasphemy charges against them if the girls do not say they have married and converted voluntarily. 


  1. dear sir
    out of this judiciary in pakistan in the supreme court of pakistan there r a group of judges which is pretending that they have carried out judicial activism in pakistan.
    infact, what is happening that few corrupt judges of supreme court of pakistan alongwith corrupt media and establishment have planned a strategy that they raise false and fictitious allegations on aperson and then after a long spell of allegations they had raised they send the cases to NAB and then NAB which is being controlled and monitored by the Supreme Court of Pakistan judicial activism judges threat them they are going to be held responsible for the contempt of court if they say that no case is made out. They ask NAB people to involve the people in criminal cases because they have refered the cases to NAB.
    they are restraining NAB to independently hold inquiry and giving them short time and more cases so that truth should not be brought on record.
    they are also responsible for voilation of human rights that is by twice prosecution of a person and also guilty for false and baseless prosecution of individuals. a case in this regard is Dewan Petroleunm case in which OGRA Authority implemented a high court decision on which a contempt petition was filed against three memebers of authority including the then chairman in which there was a scam of 52 billion was propagated widely. Supreme court after hearing the case dismissed the same and held that there is no case and respondents have shown their bonafide in respect of their actions.
    since the allegations of 52 billion was widely published under a scheme and was infact an intrigue to defame the government and its officials therefore after becoming unsuccesful in its design the judicial activism judges in another case filed by an employee of ogra challenging the appointment of chairman held that allegation of 52 billion is very serious therefore NAB should hold an inquiry. since the allegation was false and infact role of ogra was limited to implementing the orders of a high court only and had no more role of their own.there were two parties that is Dewan Petroleum and Government of Pakistan and both never complained of any scam of this much amount. but to the utter surprise of the everyone supreme court without holding that any prima facie case exists decided that the allegation is very serious and refered the case to nab.

    now we have to see what was the purpose of sending this case to nab where there was no evidence nor any complaint by any of serious party. the purpose was since supreme court had decided the case illegally and excessing its jurisdiction therefore fearing that they shall be exposed soon they refered the cas eto NAB and are now regularly monitoring the case so that NAB should make out atleast some case to justify their false position where they have voilated the human rights by double jeopardy which is a glaring voilation of the constitution of Pakistan and also misconduct by the jaali judicial activism judges. now who is there to ask them and hold accountable and what is the remedy available to citizens of Pakistan whose rights have been voilated by the honourable judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan
    i shall write further on this issue that is judicial terrorism by the Supreme Court judges of Pakistan

  2. i want to write a detailed letter with evidence to all organisations of law and human rights and expose these jaali judicial activism judges
    can anyone give me the address of all these organisations? please