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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Update on 'Blasphemy' sermon case

Recently we reported on a case where an Islamic cleric is accusing a pastor of 'blasphemy' for quoting the Quran in a sermon.  An updated report says that tensions in the village are still high, and the pastor, Rev Irfan Gill, is receiving death threats.  The Muslim cleric has tried to attack him with help from a group of local Muslims.  The article also gives a little more detail about what was actually said in the sermon.

Apparently the pastor quoted verses from the Quran to explain 'errors and misunderstandings that underline today's interreligious violence'.  While tone and actual method is crucial, it would appear that

a) the pastor was trying to promote peace by examining causes of violence, and more pertinently
b) he was citing verses that traditional Muslims use to justify discrimination and attacks on Christians, and that it was the exposing of this truth that so angered the Muslim cleric.

Jesus said 'Blessed are the peacemakers....'  It seems the local Christian community has been trying to make peace under very trying circumstances, including the obligatory 'apology', but this does not appear to be working........


  1. Very sad story of false accusation of blasphemy
    on pastor. Extremists are using sec 295 (b)& 295 (c) PPC out of extreme hatred and revenge. You are living in a free country,call a meeting of Pastors and Bishops and ask for justice on the grounds of Human Rights to exempt Islamic Sharia from Christians because according to our Holy scriptures,we are not allowed to embrace other sharia of revenge and murders.
    Agnes Massey
    Lawyer High Court LHR, Pakistan

  2. It's a battle between evil and good which will contiue until Jesus returns in his glory and might. It's a battle between the people who carry the Spirit of love, peace, hope and restoration against all the odds set by those who carry the spirit of anger, pride, arrongance, accusation and yet claiming to be the best. We have a choice to examin ourselves and to get on the right side before it's too late to burn in the eternal fire. By the way this is the plan of our real enemy, satan to corrupt our thinking which leads to corrupt actions, which develope into habits and finally habit forms a character that is arrogant and doomed for eternal punishment. But our God is gracius who knows the end from the beginning and yet is patient to give us a life time to choose freely! He respects our free will the most because He is the giver of it. Let's throw ourselves at His feet and ask God to show our hearts to us and to give us the grace to change the things we can and to accept what we can't. God has a hope in us do we have hope in Him? We only have one life on this earth and once we are gone we only will be remembered by some/many! How do you want to be remembered? As a destroyer of hope & human lives Or as an embassader of life, hope, forgiveness and restoration? Choice is ours and we will be held accountable / rewarded for it. Blessings be yours. S.J.

  3. Pakistanis needs a lot of kindness shown to them by Pakistani Christians and without any strings attached to it. Just as our Lord Jesus did. We are created in Jesus Christ to do good to all people (Eph.2:10). To overcome the evil with good (Rom.12:21).We are the hands and the body of Christ on this earth. We must do more actions of kindness and if needed use the words. Let's show more of God's grace & the light from us broken jars of clay (2-Cor.4:7) This isn't the war of flesh and blood, eventhough it may cost our lives for some of us. Love never fails. Let us prove what we are made of and who lives in us! Jesus said, be of good courage, You will have trouble in this world, but I am with you until the end of this age.(Jhn.16:33) We are not alone He is with us. What a comfort and honour! praise the Lord for His faithfulness. S.J.