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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Are Christians dirty..... well

We would like to draw attention to one aspect of the event concerning persecution of Christian women that we reported on here.  One of the witnesses was Thomsena Anjum who, with her family, fled from Pakistan to Britian in the face of threats.  As well as testifying from her own wide-ranging experience that 'These hate crimes towards Christian women are increasing and do not seem to end. These crimes are unreported and unpunished'.  She visited 100's of Christian families in Punjab over a decade or more.  She went on to comment on the fact that in many places Christian women are denied water after local Muslims claimed that wells would become 'unclean' if Christians touched them.  

In addition, Peter Jacob from Pakistan deals with the rape of Christian women - asserting that the number of attacks against women in Pakistan is four times than the cases that are reported, and that many sex crimes pass in silence.  


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