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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WORLD SINDHI CONGRESS® Protest against persecution of minorities in Pakistan 6th May 2012

Protesters hold placards outside 10 Downing Street.

Wilson Chowdhry our Chairman was invited to speak at the World Sindhi protest against abduction, rape and forced marriage of Hindu girls, held on Sunday. This societal malaise is a perpetual fear for all minorities living in Pakistan this Sunday, often propogated by religious groups intent on proselytising.  Unfortunately the date corresponded with his 10th Wedding anniversary so he was unable to attend.  The BPCa full endorses this capaign and hopes to work with WSC and ISWO in the future.  It was good to see video's of Peter Tatchell supporting the group in challenging for an end to global persecution.  Here is their press release on the protest:

WSC and ISWO Requests the International Community to put pressure on Pakistani to guarantee the protection and safety of Sindhi Hindu girls in Pakistan
On 06th May 2012 World Sindhi Congress (WSC) and International Sindhi Women Organisation (ISWO) held a rally in front of British Prime Minster’s 10 Downing Street residence in London to protest against the forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls in Pakistan. In particularly the recent decision of Supreme  Court of Pakistan in the case of Rinkal Kumari.
In recent years, there  has been an increase, particularly in Sindh, of the abduction and forced conversion to Islam of Hindu girls.  Young Sindhi Hindu girls are being kidnapped, subjected to forced marriages with Muslim boys, and converted to Islam.
The rally was attended by a large number of British and International Human Rights organisations including Sindhis and Baloch. Rally was supported by Christian, Hindus, Ahmedis and other minority groups of Pakistan and other countries
The rally raised slogans against the state sponsored forced conversion of young Sindhi Hindu girls, new trial for Rinkal Kumari case and freedom of Rinkal, Lata and Aisha Kumari.  
The rally was addressed by Peter Thatachel from Thatachal Foundation, Michael Maseey from United Christian Forum, Ruby Akhtar of Christian Party, UK, Ravi Ladva, Barrister Sassui Abbas Laghari of ISWO,  Veena Bedi Hindu Cultural Society, Hidayat Bhutto Chairman WSC, Noordin Mengal Balochistan National Party, Lakhu Luhana Secretary General of WSC and Dr Rubina Shaikh, Chairwoman of ISWO and Vice chairperson of WSC.
The speakers said that Sindhi Hindu women who are our daughters and sisters are being used as weapon to terrorize and push out Sindhi Hindus from their own motherland. Hindu Sindhis the indigenous, the rightful people of Sindh are being subject to terror and systematic  state sponsored abuse through kidnapping and violence.  Young girls from Hindu faith and in some instant married Hindu wives are being kidnapped by state sponsored tugs and religious clerks who are involved in systematic harassment and kidnapping.
Speakers said that our sisters and daughters in Sindh need our support and help to counter act the fascist and violent state who each and every day busy destabilizing Sindhi people and Sindh. Sindh which through centuries beacon of secularism and tolerance today our indigenous people are being victimized in their own motherland and young girls are victim of this fascist state.
Speakers said that those tears, abuse and pain of our sisters and daughters will never be forgotten by true Sindhis and this coward state cannot divide Sindhis. We Sindhis will be more united than even before to protect our young daughters and sisters.
The rally condemned the so called Chief Justice of Supreme Court who against all the norms of justice showed his religious extremism and handed over innocent girls to their abductors. The rally requested the international community to support the Sindhi people’s struggle  against the religious fascists.  The rally also demanded that the case of Rinkal Kumari should be heard in an international court away from the prejudiced religious bigots to save the innocent life from continued violence.
At the end of the rally a delegation comprising of Dr Hidayat Bhutto, Sanjay Ahuja, Ms Sassui Abbas Laghari, Dr Rubina Shaikh  and Lal Luhana went to 10 Downing Street where Rubina and Sassui Laghari, submitted a petition for Rt Honorable David Cameron, the British Prime Minster, requesting to influence the Government of Pakistan to make all the necessary legal and policy changes to stop the kidnapping and forced conversions of Hindu girls and young women, kidnappings of Hindus for ransom and disparate treatment of Scheduled Caste Population. 

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  1. World leaders come together to unite. A good sign indeed.