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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mr Bhavesh Kantilal Parmar Unlawfully Detained in Pakistan

                                                      Mr Bhavesh Kantilal Parmar

I am Sikh. I support the relentless humanitarian work undertaken by the British Pakistani Christian Association including their efforts to highlight and address the gross abuse of human rights in Pakistan.

I started the 'Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign'; please note . Mr Sarbjit Singh's case has resulted in other families of prisoners unlawfully detained in Pakistani prisons coming forward  and seeking help in the hope of securing the release and return of the relatives.

One such case is that of Mr Bhavesh Kantilal Parmar.

Facts of case:

Mr Bhavesh Kantilal Parmar and Indian national aged 32 from Mumbai is an architect by profession.

In 2005 Mr Parmar's father passed away following. Mr Parmar who is prone to depression and had difficulties in coming to terms with his father's death. It is my understanding that shortly after his father's death, Mr Bhavesh Parmar boarded a train to Amritsar in the north of India. It is unclear how Mr Parmar then managed to board the high security 'Samjhauta Express' train to Pakistan where he was detained for failing to provide documents and then ended up in Kot Lakphat Prison, Lahore in Pakistan where he continues to remain to date.

The Pakistani authorities have repeatedly failed to clarify the reason for Mr Parmar's arrest and or explain their failure to release to him. Accordingly Mr Parmar's detention is unlawful. Further there are concerns about the state of Mr Parmar's mental health which remains undiagnosed and untreated in prison. Under international law, this amounts to torture.

Mr Parmar's mother Mrs Hansa Parmar was formally informed that her son was in Kot Lakphat Prison in 2009 - some 4 years after his disappearance and without knowledge of what had happened to her son in the intervening period.

Action taken: I have reported the matter to the international human rights agencies, and invited both the Indian and Pakistan authorities to secure the release and return of Mr Parmar to his mother in India. There is no valid or justifiable grounds for his detention.
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