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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Daily Jaang reports on Westminster Cathedral Night of Vigil!

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  1. Dear Wilson:

    Please, help Captain Austin Francis falsely accused for basphemy,escaped to UK, applied for asylum which has been refused,submitted Appeal.
    Albert Kenneth told me you demanded huge amount to provide docs.Please, response.

  2. We are an unfunded group ignored by our community's churches. We now charge £200 for a bespoke persecution report to match the needs for clients. This is both a fair and proper price for the work undertaken and to reward our 100% success. Your client has missed a discount period unfortunately and it is simply not possible to survive without this income.

    If you want to help you could pay the fee or get in touch with Albert's Church to see if they will sponsor the report. Here are some further details:

    and here:

    here are details of a number of reports: