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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Leading Paleontologists and Geologists converge in Ilford for BPCA Plaque installation!

William George of GeoEssex and Adrian Lister lead paleontologist at the Natural History Museum, unveil the plaque.

Wilson Chowdhry joins Terry Quirke (Ilford Mammoth Project) and the lead historians at the plaque.  Wilson is holding an actual Mammoth plaque found during the Uphall Brick Pit Excavations in the 1850's.

Ilford Methodist Church and Hannah Chowdhry celebrate the installation of the plaque.

Over 300 people gathered to see the Olympic Torch relay and joined us for the unveiling of the Mammoth plaque.

William George and Adrian Lister carefully unveil the plaque.

The plaque details the history of the largest ever mammoth remains found in the UK.

Wilson with a real mammoth bone found locally!

Dem bones, dem bones them dem dry bones...

Terry Quirke has been campaigning for a large mammoth statue to be installed at the local roundabout.  He is holding a Steppe Mammoth toy he has made.

Mammoth men!

Adrian Lister agreed to support any future campaign to introduce a mammoth statue.

Pastor Bernardino Mandlate praying over event.

It was all fun and games for those involved in this awesome event!

Adrian Lister held up a mammoth bone and described, quite eloquently, the wondrous history of our local area, that was once a savannah!

William George and Adrian Lister and of course our barbecue starting off just behind.

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