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Thursday 3 January 2013

Canadian Government Agency to use BPCA report in deciding asylum cases

Wilson Chowdhry after receiving "Excellence in Leadership and Community Service Award" From Love Thy Neighbour International via Federal Member for Canada David Sweet (pictured behind Wilson).

An official thank you for his efforts for Pakistani Christians and his performance and presentation at the "Love Thy Neighbour International" Benefit Concert was received via Canadian MP David Sweet on behalf of Constituents of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough and Westdale.

Letter of thanks from Canadian IRB (click image to enlarge)

When BPCA’s Wilson Chowdhry went to Canada earlier this month along with electro-pop band Ooberfuse, he was unexpectedly contacted by a staff member at the Research Directorate of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.

They asked the BPCA to answer a number of questions concerning attitudes generally to Christians in Pakistan, levels of freedom to practice the Christian faith, discrimination, whether Christians have good recourse to legal redress, and whether Muslims can convert to Christianity, and what problems do they face.

At short notice, the BPCA has managed to send the board a nearly 10 page reply, and they have expressed thanks for such a ‘thorough and informative’ reply.  They will be incorporating the material into a report that will be used in decision making on cases of Christians seeking asylum in Canada.

A copy of our report can be read by clicking the link below:

Our contact confirmed that they have also utilized our Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan submission to the United Nations, within their research, a copy of which can be read by clicking the link below:

A spokesperson from the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board said;

Thank you so much for this very comprehensive and informative report...I am  sure that it will be of great interest to our decision-makers in the refugee protection process. I can confirm that any of your information cited in our report will be credited to the BPCA and will also include a short description of your organization's mandate. At present I am working on three reports -- on the blasphemy laws, the situation of Christians, and religious conversion -- which will be likely be published on our website ( at the end of January/beginning of February. I'll send you a message when they're online. I will also add your contact information to our database indicating that you would be willing to be consulted for future inquiries."

A copy of our report can be read by clicking the link below:

Here is a brief summary of how our information will be used as provided by the Canadian IRB:

The Research Directorate provides current, reliable, and publicly available information on refugees' countries of origin to those involved in the refugee protection process. All reports produced by the Research Directorate may be used as documentary evidence during refugee protection hearings in Canada, are publicly available, and can be accessed on the IRB Internet Website at As a matter of practice, the Research Directorate does not include the names of sources in its short reports but will cite professional titles and the institution with which sources are affiliated. If, in the hearing room, the IRB decision-maker requests the Research Directorate to name its sources, we will be legally obliged to do so. However, refugee protection hearings are closed to the public with only the participants at the hearing privy to the evidence and, therefore, to the name of the source. You should also be aware that should a request for leave to appeal a decision of the IRB be granted by the Federal Court, the entire record of proceedings before the IRB becomes a matter of public record.

 Wilson Also used the opportunity to meet with key figures from the Paksitani Christian Community in Canada:

Wilson met his cousin  Tunoo Bhai who he had not met for 30 years!

Wilson with brother of late Shahbaz Bhatti  - Peter Bhatti Leader of International Christian Voice.

Wilson With the Leaders of Canadian Christian Association John Gill/Obaid Chaudry and Vincent Samuel from Love Thy Neighbour International.

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