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Monday 28 January 2013

Paul Bhatti a man who lacks vision and insight say Pakistani Christians!

Paul Bhatti was interviewed on BBC's Hard Talk. He seemed unconvincing and even tried to overlook Christian persecution . Our community has long believed that he took the role simply to get on the gravy boat and many believe that  his selection through nepotism would lead to sycophant status. 

Even then, it is deplorable that when questioned on his brothers death and the failure to capture Shahbaz Bhatti's killers, he simply said he had no option but to believe his cohorts in the government; drawing a sigh from the presenter Stephen Sackur. 

View this video to see how easily he put aside the concerns of our community to bolster his unworthy government role:

Since his recent Hard Talk interview condemnation of his comments have been universal throughout our community.  I include one of hundreds of facebook conversations on this topic:

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  1. Just want to say that the man is maybe afraid and a sinner like all of us from Christ's view of man. We pray for him that God shows him His light and transform him so that from a weak man he becomes a strong defender of the persecuted.
    I have seen my life that past week and I have seen how weak and a failing I am to represent Christ at home and at work.
    I apologise to all of you because I am not a Pakistani minority. I don't know what 'government persecution' is. But if we just pray and ask God to make us see His light and we are angry just for a while against this man, then we see his frailty as Christ sees him and us and pray for him. The power of the gospel is found at the Cross and in Christ to transform a man.