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Saturday, 9 February 2013

15 year old Christian girl from Kasur raped by two Muslim men!

A Christian girl of juvenile age (15years) named Fouzia bibi was raped 22nd January 2013, by two local Muslim men in her home town of  Roday, Dristrict Kasur, in Punjab.

The two named men on the FIR are Sher Muhammad and shabbir Ali, registered under FIR No.22/13 at Police station Serai Mughal after an advocacy group called LEAD Intervened. 

Yesterday  (8th Feb) it is alleged that some Muslims including un-uniformed police men, raided raided Kaila Masih's house in the same village.  They beat and tortured Christian women Zareena Bibi,Hameedan Bibi and Sharifan Bibi whilst abusing them verbally.   It is reported by LEAD that the attack was provoked by the arrest of one of the rapists of Fouzia.

Today 9 February 2013,Chief of LEAD Sardar Mushtaq Gill was called by Rev.Saleem Gill and Mr.Kaila Masih to see what could be done to bring justice to these victims.  The Chief Executive of LEAD immediately filed applications to DSP Pattoki for registration of an FIR against the perpetrators of the attack on Kalia Masih's House, and transfer of the FIR against the rapists of Fouzia Bibi from Serai Mughal to DSP Pattoki.

It has been alleged one of Fouzia Bibi's rapists has been arrested but no charges laid against him, the other one is free and has been terrorizing the local community.  Please pray for justice for those who have suffered and pray for the safety of this community.

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  1. British ruled sub-continent (India) for more than 200 yrs and brought common law practice which is still under practic in Pakistan also.
    Please, contact House of Lords & House of Commons and submit a petition till decision to open doors for Christians because practically majority Muslim community is treating them like their slaves without any freedom.They are putting false charges of blasphemy for death,
    rapping their young girls for force conversion to Islam,no education facilities,snatching away their Gov't jobs,no further jobs no equal rights,no freedom of speech,even Dr.Paul Bhatti's role is just as filling in the blanks of Harmony Federal Ministry who don't dare to highlight our problems at national & int'l level

    Agnes Massey
    Lawyer, High Court LHR, Pakistan
    Life Member: LHR High Court Bar Association
    Founder: Global Save Lives Foundation

  2. After reading your comments & News regarding Christian minority community,I decided to give my lagal opinion and suggestion,so you must flash it for public-at-large without prejudice.
    I am doing courses for the certification of Bar and give times for comments out of my precious time to save our people and voiceless lambs of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Agnes Tabassum
    Lawyer, High Court LHR, Pakistan

  3. Dear brother-in-Christ:
    Thank you for publishing my comments.
    Happy to know that you came to Canada and opened eyes of IRB which could help Refugee Board to give asylum to Christians and could realize their helpless plight if deported.I appreciated your work.
    Agnes Tabassum (Pakistani Canadian)
    Lawyer, High Court LHR, Pakistan