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Saturday 16 February 2013

Christian murdered for refusing to convert

Younas Masih, a 55 year old Christian man in Balochistan province had been repeatedly pressed to convert to Islam by work colleagues, including blackmail attempts.  On 1st February there was another attempt at converting him, and once again he refused, and his co-workers issued insults and threats.  As he was walking home from work in Charman, (a town right on the border with Afghanistan, on the Quetta to Kandahar road) he was shot five times by a gunman and left for dead.  He was taken to hospital where the bullets were removed, but he died in Intensive care 5 days later on 5th February.  

What made things even more devastating for the family is that the police refused to file a report on the attack and murder

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1 comment:

  1. When are Muslims going to perceive how wrong it is to FORCEFULLY and AGGRESSIVELY convert anyone. The action describes Islam as a religion of force not of compassion, even though I suspect some Muslims may well be compassionate. However, the last thing one does, if someone does not agree with you, is to wipe them out. What idiots in the name of Allah. It just goes to show how inferior the inspiration of Allah is to Jesus.

    What sadly happened to this brave man, Younas Masih, is yet another nail in the coffin of Islam, as happened in Roman times, and surprisingly still happens in part of the world today. EM