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Monday 15 April 2013

Dutch Parliamentarians keen to learn about Minority persecution in Pakistan.

Dutch Parliamentarians and Civil servants will be addressed on the human rights violations of ethnic minorities in Pakistan on Tuesday 16th April 2013.

A London Based Group the "Near East Observatory" organised the public meeting, after a series of recent extremist attacks on innocent communities in Pakistan, including the razing of 200 homes and 2 churches in the town of Badami Bagh (9th March 2013).

Mr Pieter Omtzigt, MP and foreign affairs spokesperson of the Christian Democrats, will receive,  two experts, including Wilson Chowdhry; Chairman of the BPCA and Mehran Baluch; Representative of Ethnic Baluch Communities, during a special procedure of the foreign affairs committee of the Dutch House of Representatives.    The meeting is open to public and the BPCA's trip has been funded by the South Asian Democratic Forum.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA said;

"We are grateful for this opportunity to raise concerns about ongoing human rights violations against minorities in Pakistan, with the decision makers for the Nation of Holland.  We hope that our evidence will assist the Dutch government in pursuing a dialogue with Pakistan, that will eventually improve the quality of life for minorities living there."

He added;

"A report we produced, convinced the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to reassess the manner in which they view Asylum and refugees cases relating to Christians fleeing Pakistan.  If  decision makers in Holland follow suit, much needed succour could be provided to many suffering victims."

Below are hyperlinks to the work undertaken with the Canadian IRB, including further hyperlinks to a series of reports produced by the Canadian IRB on Pakistan:

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