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Tuesday 2 April 2013

UK's first Christian Sitcom!

All 13 episodes of the UK’s first Christian sitcom will be aired on TWR UK from 6th April to 29th June 2013.

‘Grandpa Ted’ is a fresh and original sitcom which brings encouragement and inspiration to its audience in a thought-provoking but often light-hearted and entertaining way. There is a distinct shortage of Christian material that provides an uplifting alternative to the other forms of radio and TV comedy that many Christians would rather avoid. This sitcom plugs the gap by helping us to laugh at Grandpa Ted and his friends and more importantly at ourselves in a fun and wholesome setting that will amuse and not offend.

The series follows the life of Grandpa Ted, a likeable old gent who simply wants to enjoy a quiet life. This very rarely becomes a reality however due to the crazy schemes and frustrating interruptions of his fellow house group members – not to mention the problems he causes for himself! Join our easily confused hero as he tries his best to live out God’s principles while he gets mistaken for an eminent doctor, goes fishing in a postbox, has to find a missing tortoise and even accidently foils a bank robbery! Find out why Grandpa Ted ends up like Paul and Silas in prison, hear how forgiveness is always the way forward even if it hurts and discover, at long last, what God Rocks really are!

Meet the ever-meddling Mrs. Bigglesthwaite, the tired but wise Albert, the sensitive and shy Jane, the elusive Bill, the pedantic Mr. Perkins and his easily distracted wife and Jason, the house group leader who never quite seems to keep their meetings under control. Then there is also the local police Sergeant who always manages to turn up just when Grandpa Ted and the others are having their most embarrassing moments from getting stuck in wheelie bins to crashing a car through his own garden wall!

This pioneering series will begin airing on Saturday 6th April at 11am (repeated at 11pm.) 

Website: Twitter: TWRuk

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