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Sunday, 14 July 2013

In a confession the perpetrators of the beating and public nudity of three Christian women have admitted this gross act!

Kasur: Over a month after a Muslim landlord allegedly humiliated three Christian women made naked in front of public in Pattoki, High Court has finally taken notice of the matter and directed District and Session judges of Kasur to investigate the incident and submit a report within two weeks.

The Judge has called both parties into the court and recorded their statements. During the enquiry the Judge scolded and criticised local police who he felt had not performed their duty honestly or dilligently.

The main accused Muhammad Munir gave an affidavit in court and admitted that the three Christian women were beaten, their clothes torn and that they were made publicly naked.  See below a the copy of affidavit:

These are the following contents of affidavit submitted by Muhammad Munir in the Court of District and Session Judge of Kasur, during inquiry of the said case FIR No.231/13 (translation):

"It is stated that, I am Muhammad Munir Sajid son of Abdul Rashid caste Arain ( Muslim by faith), resident of Village Sereser Chak No. 21 Police Station Saddar Pattoki. It states on oath that I am resident of the said address and a farmer by profession. On 31 May 2013 some goats belonging to Shoukat Masih entered and grazed in my crops and destroyed the crops.  I caught the goats and kept them in my haveli (barn) and when Shoukat came to take back his goats, there was trivial fight between us. On 3 June,2013, I submitted one complaint application to the Police station Saddar Pattoki against him, for damage to my crops and the altercation.  Police raided his home around 8 PM and he ran away forcing Police to return back without him.

I state on oath that about 10:30pm, Abrahim and Rafique my uncles along with other accused individuals nominated in the said FIR NO.231/13,came to my house and told me that  Shoukat had fled away, on seeing the police party arriving to his home, but now he may be at home. 

They argued that we should catch him and beat him aftre which, we would hand him over to the Police. I was beguiled by them and we went to Mr.Shoukat's house.  The outer door of his house was locked from the inside. One of the accused Mr.Waqas climbed his wall,  jumped over and entered the house.  He then unlocked the door and all the accused entered inside Shoukat's house, barring me I remained standing outside of the house.

I state on oath that as soon as they entered into the house they started shouting for Shoukat Masih stating they would beat him, to teach him a lesson. They expressed outrage that he dared to confront us landlords.

They started searching for Shoukat but in vain, so they started beating the women in the home and pulled them by their hair.  They dragged them into the local bazaar (Market) and then they tore off their clothes.  The women became naked in front of all the local public. After seeing this scene I fled away from the spot, leaving behind the said accused Abrahim and others.

I state on oath that I did not enter into the house of Mr.Shoukat Masih and did not commit any wrong thing with the Christian women, rather seeing that the accused persons had crossed sensible limits I fled the scene of the crime.

The following above stated contents of the affidavit are correct to my knowledge and I believe that no fact has been concealed.  The affidavit has been written so that it can be presented for proof and it can be used when necessary.Dated 15 June,2013."
Today Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,National Director LEAD along with Ms.Ruhama Shaw(President Women Wing PCC Lahore) met the victim family and consoled them.  Ms.Ruhama financially supported the victim family.LEAD is giving free legal assistance to the Victim family and following the case

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