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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Christian Girl abducted, taken to disused hospital and raped, while watched by others.

Face of Humera (rape victim) hidden to protect her.

Rasheed Masih (40 years) a Christian by faith lived in Chak 377 Doctor Wala Vehari, Multan along with his wife and four children, Humera aged (14yrs) (Victim), Samara (13 yrs),  Zeshan aged (11yrs) and Zaman (9 years). They are a deprived Christian family and  both parents work as labourers. Their children including Humera worked with the parents picking on  agricultural land.

On July 13, 2013, Humera was alone in her home; her father and mother and her siblings were at work on the local fields. A cable operator Zubair s/o Abdul Sittar and another boy named Bao visited her home at 6:00 pm and informed her that her father had been involved in an accident.  He told Humera that her father was calling someone from his home to assist him. Humera become anxious when hearing this and agreed to travel with them on a motorcycle, to visit her father in hospital. They took her to Bashir Memorial hospital, far away from her village, which had been closed for the last 10 years. Murtaza another accused perpetrator of this heinous crime was waiting there as he lived near this hospital.

Humera noticed that they had stopped the motorcycle at Bashir Memorial Hospital and immediateley started to scream.  Zubair struck her with some hard blows and  forcibly took her into a room of the hospital, which he locked her inside.  Zubair brandished a gun and warned her not to make any noise on threat of death of Humeera and her family. After two hours the alleged perpetrators returned to the room (around 8:00pm) and led her with them onto the hospital roof there was a foam mattress. According to Humera only one accused Murtaza sexually harassed her, and he later forcibly raped her at gun point on the roof, while the other two men watched and gave her instructions.  

Later they left her in the room on her own, which was unlocked, she was warned not to come out or she would be killed. After 10 minutes she heard some voices from outside the hospital. She took a chance by venturing out of the room and .jumped the wall of the hospital.  She was without her sharwar (trousers), with naked legs which she had never experienced before. There were some Christian’s men from her village who were stood outside the hospital searching for her. When she saw them she started crying; one of them gave her a scarf to cover herself. Her father reached the spot and she described  the entire incident to him. Her father took her to their relatives house in Vehari for her own safety

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