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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Sick Christian Man Beaten By Muslim employers In Gujranwala

We include the following story prima facie as we received it from the group VOP Christians.

'According to details, Bagga Masih was working for local Chaudhrys attending their cattle, but because of illness he did remained absent which angered them. On 24th of July at about 8:30 he was brutally beaten by two Chaudharys for not attending his duty.
According to witnesses, Bagga Masih is a 55 year old Christian man employed by Chaudhry Qasim Butt and Chaudhry Rauf Butt to look after their cattle for Rupees 3000 per month. They revealed that,”on the eve of 23rd July 2013 Bagga Masih got sick and could not go to attend his duty.
He got medical assistance from the village doctor that evening. However, due to the weakness resulting from high fever he could not go the house of Chaudhary Qasim Butt and Chaudhary Rauf Butt. On this Chaudhary Qasim Butt went to the residence of poor Bagga Masih at 8.00 am and forced him to attend his duty. Bagga Masih an old man of 55 years expressed his inability to do so because of the high fever and weakness he was suffering from. On this Chaudhary Qasim Butt got infuriated and started abusing him and went back after threatening Bagga Masih of dire consequences.”
“About half an hour later Chaudhry Qasim Butt & Chaudhry Rauf Butt came back to Bagga Masih’s house with their accomplices and asked Bagga Masih to come out. As soon as he come out they attacked him and gave him a severe thrashing. His daughters Nazia and Shazia and his daughter in law Shahnaz Bibi requested them to leave him but they kept on beating him mercilessly. In a fit of rage they kicked his 8 years old grand-daughter also when she came to save him. Then Chaudhry Qasim Butt and Rauf Butt took Bagga Masih to their house and kept on torturing him till that evening. Later, local elders went to Chaudharys’ house to free Bagga Masih from his illegal custody. According to our information a local Sabir Masih and some of his friends took him to Civil Hospital in a precarious condition with a broken arm and in a state of unconsciousness. Chaudhry Qasim used a piece of ladder studded with rusted nails in this brutal and inhuman torture,” they continued.
What’s more, Baga Masih approached a local hospital for medical treatment and certification from doctors but the hospital administration showed reluctance in issuing him a medical certificate primarily because of influence of Chaudhrys in the area. In addition the police also showed reluctance to register an FIR against the nominated Chaudhrys as well.
For that reason, Rev. Dr. Wilson John Gill visited Bagga Masih in hospital and prayed for his health.'

Source : Vop Christians, but also the same story is here for instance.

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