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Friday, 16 August 2013

Family Of Murdered Christian Landowner Awaiting Justice

On 27th July a well respected Christian landowner in a village near Lahore was beaten and then shot dead by a gang of Muslims led by a man who had illegally appropriated some of the Christian man's land.  The murdered man was called Ishaq Masih (45), and the lead murderer was Muhammad Luqman aka Ranjha.  The murderous gang laughed as they did their bloody work, and making comments about the fact that the Christian man owned lots of land.  The killing happened in front of Masih's young sons.  The police only officially opened an investigation after the village Christians refused to bury the body and staged a protest for three days and two nights.  They promised they would arrest the suspects within a week if the Christians ended the protest and buried the body.  The Christians did so, but typically, the police reneged on their promise.  For more details, see here.

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