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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Another tragic loss - Kiran George (RIP)

I have received this email from a lead officer from Release International a group that is providing very effective support to persecuted Christians in Pakistan. If you would like to more about what their group is doing in Pakistan, please email their lead Pakistan correspondent using the following email
The article was written by Haroon Michael of Sharing Life Ministry - Pakistan:
Report of Christian Girl Kiran George d/o George Masih burnt alive by a cruel wealthy family

Name: Kiran George d/o George Masih

Occupation: House Maid

Status: Unmarried

Age: 20 Years

Residential Address: Francis Colony Girja Town, Near Ayesha Mills, Sheikhupura

SLMP’s Comment:

This is not the very first time that a Christian girl has been burnt by wealthy family, many incidences have taken place in the past. One reason is that these kinds of incidents take place is that many Christian families don’t have good or sound revenue sources. Few operate businesses and the majority in Christians are illiterate. In this particular case, the family placed their daughter to work at a wealthy Muslim family's house. Whilst working it is a common practice for the boys or men of the household to lure these girls into sexual immorality talking of fake love.
When a girl becomes pregnant and she asks the household man or boy for marriage then situation, totally changes. Quite often the girls are then murdered, as there is little fear for a legal system, in which impunity can be bought with a few rupees.
We have to take steps to stop these kind of crimes, the majority of case which involve Christian girls, being killed by Muslims.
Our Sewing School project is for these Christian girls and women who are illiterate and they can learn how to sew. After training they can earn good money by stitching ladies clothes.


SLMP’s team comes to know about this incident via the Jaang newspaper, then SLMP’s Chief Coordinator Sohail Johnson sent his team members Zeeshan Yousaf and Chaudhary Kashif to Mayo Hospital, Lahore to collect facts about the incident

Kiran‘s father George Masih is a laborer by profession and her mother Haleema Bibi is a house wife. Kiran belonged to a very poor family - that’s why she was working as maid in the Shah House. It was while working here that she fall in love with a landlord Zahida Bibi’s son, Ahmad Raza Shah.

Ahmad Raza had sexual intercourse with Kiran many times. He made frequent promises with Kiran that he would marry her. However, when she become pregnant, she expressed her desire to marry Raza, to save her future and respect in the strict society she lived in. Raza refused her and burnt her alive by petrol. According to the doctors she is 100% burnt and there is no chance that her life will be saved.
She is under special care in Mayo Hospital Lahore; she had recorded her statement in a very painful condition to SLMP’s team member Zeeshan Joseph.

Statement by Kiran George:

(This statement was recorded by SLMP’s team member in his mobile phone in Punjabi, an then translated into English )

‘On Saturday 6 March at 5 pm, I was busy in my routine work at Raza’s house he came and requested that I want to say something personally, after some time he called me on roof top. During that time I was thinking that might be Raza will propose me that he is ready to marry with me. But the reality was different. When I reached on roof Raza and her mother Zahida was already there holds petrol’s gallon, they both were very aggressive. Raza start threw patrol and set fire on me. In few seconds my whole body was covered by flame. I was shouting help me but nobody come to save me, then I run towards downstairs for poured water on my body, I fell down on the roof and I said this sentence’, “Please for God sake save my life”

“Ahmad Raza’s brother named Ajmal came and brought me to the civil Hospital"

"Raza belongs to a rich Muslim family. He bribed to the police do not registered FIR against him. Inspector Ahmad Bashir is not taking any attention on this case they are just waiting for my death”.

Statement of Kiran’s Mother:

Haleema Bibi told SLMP team members, that Raza Shah is a man of bad character. The mother believes that Raza had emotionally trapped her daughter and had used her to fulfill his sexual desire.
"He frequently promised Kiran that he would marry her. However when she become pregnant he tried to kill my daughter. God saved her but her body is completely burnt. We are helpless. This city is unknown to us, no-one came here to provide us legal help. My husband is working as laborer we have no money or financial sources to fight for justice."

Current Situation:

Kiran is still suffering and in immense pains - her body has entire body has 100% burns. She is being fed by intravenous drip. Police have now registered an FIR against the real culprits, after initial reticence, however they have not yet attempted to arrest him. Kiran's family are facing threats by Raza’s family.

Dear friends and prayer partners please keep Kiran and her greiving family in your prayers.


Today we come to know that Kiran's life expired on 11th, March, 2010. She died as a consequence of the 100% burns. In response to the tragic loss of this young woman Christian people joined the relatives of Kiran George and blocked the road in Sheikhupura, with the dead body of victim. They shouted out demand to the Police ofr justice and the arrest of the culprits and declared that the body would not be removed or buried until and arrest took place.
Then police talked with the amassed protesters and assured them that the culprits would be arrested and that a full investigation would take place.

Reported By

Haroon Michael
Field Officer -Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan

This is another tragedy that has hit our community so soon after the case of Shazia Bashir. We need to remember that both issues involve wealthy individuals and we must be careful to not to point at any particular faith. The fact that the family were Muslim and the victim was Christian is much due to the poverty that Minority faith groups find themselves in that forces our communities to work as domestic labour. Pakistan has secured £665,000 of International Development aid from the UK - part fo which will go towards educational reform in Pakistan. I will be challenging our British Government to ensure that not only does this money go towards improving the educational system in Pakistan, but for the funds to be used to reduce the disparity of educational and employment opportunity in Pakistan. By this I would like to see not only wholesale improvements to the range, complexity and achievement rates in Pakistan. Moreover, I would like to see a change in the 7% literacy rate for minority faith groups in Pakistan in comparison to 50% within the majority Muslim population.

I will keep the family of Shazia Bashir and Kiran George in my prayers. The loss of a child is the hardest thing for a mother and father to bear. I pray that aid agencies help and support these families so that they might see justice prevail and receive some succour. I also pray that people of all faiths, abhor this terrible event and challenge our Pakistani Government and authorities to make institutional and constitutional changes to prevent such occurences happening again and to create a more equitable life for all.


  1. Sister Agnes Massey15 March 2010 at 18:20

    Dear Bro Wilson,

    I strongly condemned this brutal murder. Both son and mother committed first degree murder and liable to be hanged or life imprisonment. Please, tell Minister for minorities' affairs to establish industrial sewing and knitting schools for poor girls by using Gov't funds
    I established NGO in 1972 when rich muslim guy rapped 11 yrs old christian girl in Garhi Shahu LHR .I registered Anjuman Bahbood-e-Khawateen-o-Bachgan and started industrial
    school,adult literary centre,Nursery,health centre,games club ,library,free legal aid and prisoners' aid centres. We trained girls for sewing and knitting for respectable lives. Federal and Provincial Ministers for minorities' affairs should do the same and save girls to be maid servants but lead respectable life by sewing,tailoring and knitting work.

    Agnes Massey
    Lawyer,High Court LHR
    Founder Life President,NGO
    Canadian Chapter

  2. Sorry to hear it . Crime and Treacherous behaviour in any form, by anyone is unacceptable.
    I pray for all trampled people.

    Why was she carrying a baby ? Was she forcibly raped or was it a relationship of consent between two adults ? From time immemorial, the male has been seducing females all over the world with FALSE promises and the female always knowingly bets against odds.

    I would welcome EVEN the entire budget to be spent on minority uplift by the Govt. of Pakistan but asking / praying / requesting any foreign country to give aid to Pakistan with strings attached is an UN-LOYAL act and I would reject / resist it with all force at my command.

    If a request by a Pakistani person, group or organisation has to be made, it should be made to Govt of Pakistan and NOT to any foreign country. It will show a crack, to the foreigners, in the unity of people of Pakistan and they can use it to their advantage any time. You are Pakistani not a British. Govt of Pakistan is YOUR govt. You have a right to insist , pressurize it , pester it but can not let an outsider become a party to it.

    Like majority, no minority has any right in any country of the world to take its case outside its own country. It has to solve the problems with in the frame work of his country's environments and laws ,come what may.

    Haroon Wasti

  3. 5th May 2010
    Sad News from Pakistan. Wing Commander Avert Lall slep with Lord this monrning i.e 5rh May. His funral was held at 11 AM at CTTC Chapple. Please pray for the family.
    Major (Retired) T. Nasir

  4. down w/ those who have done it