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Friday, 12 March 2010

Update on 8 Bomb Attacks provided by Sadia Riaz.

I have received this news from Sadia Riaz in Pakistan:

Today in Lahore two suicide attacks resulted in explosions in the famous RA bazaar, Lahore. It is purported that 45 people died and more than 100 people are injured. 25 People died at the spot, instantly. The blasts were very powerful and surrounding buildings were shaken terribly.

Security forces have found the heads of the two suicide attackers other evidence.

Later in the day in Iqbal town 6 continuous blasts occurred. The blasts occur ed in Kashmir Block, Chanab Block, Moon Market and Kareem Block. These six blasts brought the total up to eight bomb blasts in one day!

It is purported that, in one of the attacks a bomb was placed under the car of a group Captain Pakistan Air Force. Reports state that these six blasts are part of planned activity, aimed at destroying peace to cultivate fear and terror.

It is thought that some terrorists are still inside Iqbal Town. People have been asked to stay at home and a bomb disposal squad and security forces are still investigating and cordoning the area.

After every blast gunfire was heard and the people of Lahore and Pakistan will be very restless tonight


  1. this is really sad:(....the day we think that all is fine now from so many days,then suddenly this happens blast n all....

  2. When will tis madness end. Killing their own people, their own economy, their own country!!!