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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Education for all in Pakistan!

Our petition for parity of education for all in Pakistan, has been approved by the number 10 Downing street assessment team. This is now available on the Number 10 website at the following address:

Our petition reads:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to increase scrutiny of International development funds to Pakistan

On the Pakistan High Commission website it has been highlighted that Britian is to increase its International Development fund for Pakistan to £665m. The Briitish Pakistani Christian Association petitions the uk Government to ensure that effective accountability and traceability of the usage of these funds is guaranteed.

We commend the Government's fund towards overall holistic improvements to the Pakistani Education system . However, we Petition the Government of the UK to ensure that a portion of these funds from the educational reform segmant of the grant ,are utilised towards eradicating the disparity of educational and employment oppurtunity for minority faith groups in Pakistan. Only 7% of minority faith groups in Pakistan are literate,compared with 50%of the Muslim community.

Minority faith groups in the main live in impoverished communities and over 85% of them work as domestic labour.

Please sign our petition calling for as share of the £665m in British taxes earmarked for Pakistan to be directed towards minority faith community development.


  1. Dear brother,
    this is central christian association paris as we see your effort for persecuted christian we love to join with you kindly send all your web address and how we can worktogeather
    as we are lauching our web site very soon and arrange a big programe inviting MP.Religious leaders , and devoted people like you ,

    God bless