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Monday, 10 January 2011

A Christian Nation in the Indian subcontinent? Good or bad you decide

Carnival atmosphere as joyous Sudanese Christians vote for birth of new Christian state!

In Sudan a referendum is taking place that could lead to a North - south divide on the basis of faith. This could be the birth of a new Christian nation in a region that has suffered significant community angst, oppression and savagery.

Raymond Durrani a prominent Pakistani Christian in Canada has long been calling for a Christian state to be formed from Pakistan and has previously suggested the annexation of Baluchistan, could facilitate such a reality.

The BPCA is neither supporting or opposing any such plan and merely for debate cascade a comment received from him today:

Hi Wilson,

Pakistan only became reality because 4 Christian MPs voted for it including the Speaker of the House who was also a Christian and broke the tie by voting for Pakistan. Part of Pakistan is property of the Christian Nation of Pakistan. If the Muslim majority have problem with Christian nation of Pakistan they should give part of their share to them in order for them to have their independent country like they are doing in Sudan right now.

You should pick up on that theme over all your demands, suggestions and efforts which have been proven to be fruitless.


Raymond W. Durrani & Associates
Friends of Christian Nation of Pakistan

Irrespective of what you feel about the formation of "Asaistan" (or whatever any founder would like to name this pseudo country), the fact remains that the secession of two Sudan into two states, could bring about an end to the terror faced by millions of people divided by faith and the associated fanaticism.

We would simply like to hear the personal views of our readership with respect to this matter. However, in the light of what is happening in Sudan it would make a very interesting campaign!

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  1. This is unfortunate. Religion and state should be separate. Nevertheless as Europe complains about asylum seekers then perhaps it can do its duty better by channelling all aid Pakistan gets into a "homeland" for Christians and others in the Middle East/Maghreb who suffer from dhimmitude. Lebanon would have been an ideal location before Yasser Arafat tipped the demographic balance against the Maronites, Catholics and Greek Orthodox. But then perhaps south Sudan can be a sanctuary for "dhimmis" in the region and thereby attract skilled migrants to build up that new country. Saudi and Gulf states can provide their own aid to Pakistan and Egypt just as they indoctrinate them with Salafi/Wahhabi dogma.