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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Small gesture makes big wave!

As tension mounts in Pakistan in the wake of the killing of former Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer the British Pakistani Christian Association and the British Sikh Council collaborated in an event to bring peace to the universal Pakistani Community.

On Friday 14th January whilst garlands were strung around the neck of Mr Qadri the killer who assassinated Governor Taseer, as he was showered with rose petals. Pakistani Christians and Sikhs of Britain expressed their condolences for a nation who had lost a "great humanitarian" by handing memorial wreaths to the High Commissioner of Pakistan Wajid Shamsul Hasan.

A candlelight prayer vigil outside the Pakistan Embassy was followed by a visit to the High Commissioner who greeted the multi-faith delegation with dignity and enthusiasm. The High Commissioner spoke of the hurt that the loss of the Governor had caused to his party and to the nation of Pakistan. He also expressed great concern at the volatile situation in Pakistan created by the extremist groups in Pakistan that have an unholy alliance with the media there. The High Commissioner spoke of the continuing commitment from him and his Government to create a fairer society in Pakistan. He expressed a desire for working with Pakistan Christian minorities and Sikh minorities in the UK he hoped to create a better awareness in Pakistan of the things that unite all peoples. He expressed joy at seeing minorities coming together illustrated within the delegation and urged minority groups in the UK and Pakistan to work more cohesively to create a stronger voice for those persecuted in Pakistan. He expressed thanks for our visit stating it was a positive gesture and one of immeasurable size due it's focus on peace rather than retribution.

Wilson Chowdhry from the British Pakistani Christian Association said:

"In a spirit of unity people of Pakistani origin in the UK have been praying for succour to the bereaved family of Governor Taseeer and for a restoration of peace in Pakistan. This tragic event has not only affected people in Pakistan but the reverberations of his death have struck a chord across the globe. the BPCA felt this was not a time for petitions or protests, that serve only to further polarise differing faiths, but a time to share the pain of a nation being ripped apart by extremist groups vent on creating anarchy for their own ends. Christians and Sikhs across the globe are praying for succour for the family of late Governor Taseer and a restoration of peace in Pakistan and we are confident that eventually good will triumph over evil."

Upkar Rai from the British Sikh Council said:

"Pakistan and the world has lost a great Samaritan of humanity. His fight for equality of all minorities and the hypocrisy and abuse of Blasphemy law are unprecedented. He was a great supporter of the Sikh community. He will be missed. Our heartfelt commiserations are with the family and wish them well for the future and hope they are able to draw strength from the fact that Salman sacrificed his life for the greater good of all mankind. "

After the audience with the High Commissioner the BPCA and the BSC affixed one of the wreathes to the front of the embassy with a message of peace to Pakistani People of all faiths.

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