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Monday, 10 January 2011

MINAB Condemns the suicide bombing on a Coptic Church in Egypt

Wreck from New Years day Alexandria bombing.

MINAB a UK based lead Muslim Organisation has condemned the suicide bombing of the Coptic Church in Alexandria. They have provided a press release describing their opposition to the extremist actions of the fanatical minority. As a lead advisory board to Islamic Groups and leaders their words carry great weight and it is heartening to publish them for you in verbatim:
The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) condemns the suicide bombing that targeted a Coptic church in Alexandria on New Year's Day. Such attacks are affront to all human and religious values and aim to disrupt the harmony of our communities who have lived
together for hundreds of years.

The Chair of MINAB, Maulana Shahid Raza, OBE, has expressed his deep concern and condemned the attacks. "Any such attack or threat to a place of worship is abhorrent and is an attack on all of us" he said. "We stand united in offering solidarity against the targeting of
Christian communities and other minority communities in the Middle East which aims to destroy community relations and inspire hate and discord".

The MINAB calls upon Mosques in the UK and the Middle East to re-emphasis the Quranic message of protecting places of worship and challenge these extreme views and to pray for the innocent victims of this barbaric act through their sermons, and any other means.

We call upon all peace loving people to work together to root out such forms of extremism and to build resilience to challenge and disrupt all forms of extremism. Such extremists are evil murderers, who incite hatred and are destroying our cohesion and damaging the dignity of
religion and faith.

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