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Wednesday 21 March 2012

The EU should remain engaged to Afghanistan after 2014 says the European Ambassador of Afghanistan

From left; António Vieira da Cruz (Policy Advisor "South Asian Democratic Forum"), His Excellency Mr Homayoun Tandar Ambassador of Afghanistan, Wilson Chowdhry (Chairman British Pakistani Christian Association), MP for Iraq  Abdula Aljubori and Paulo Casaca (Executive Director SADF)

“The international community should remain engaged with Afghanistan after 2014”, says the Ambassador of Afghanistan in Brussels.
On Monday 19 March 2012 in Brussels an informal dinner discussion was held around the situation of Afghanistan, attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of Afghanistan, Mr. Homayoun Tandar and MP Addula Aljubori from Iraq. This dinner was organized by South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) and gathered more than 30 honorable guests from the European Parliament, the European Commission, and friends of democracy from other important think tanks and NGO’s.

The Executive Director of South Asia Democratic Forum Mr. Paulo Casaca opened the floor by introducing the guest speaker H.E. Homayoun Tandar.  He spoke of complete solidarity with the people of Afghanistan suffering with extremism.

He said;

“Mr. Ambassador, I want to transmit to you my total support and solidarity with the peoples of Afghanistan that are suffering with the re-talibanization that is taking place in your country.”

Homayoun Tandar described the situation in Afghanistan and relations with western countries in general, particularly the European Union. The ambassador remembered the humanist values of solidarity and democracy and asked the European countries to find again their identity, in order to recover the cultural example they used to be.

MP for Iraq Abdula Aljubori spoke of the similarities between Iraq and Afghanistan.  He said; "I hope that  our newly formed democracies could strive for a better future for the Middle East"

Wilson Chowdhry leader of humanitarian group “British Pakistani Christian Association,” commented;

“On this night new hope was raised. Moreover, some improbable cultural bridges were built between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.  People passionate for reform in the Middle-East put aside differences in favour of peaceful dialogue.”

About SADF - South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) is a non-partisan, autonomous think tank dedicated to objective research on all aspects of democracy, human rights, security, and intelligent energy among other contemporary issues in South Asia. SADF is based in Brussels and works in a close partnership with Heidelberg University.

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