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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Peshawar victims continue to receive supplies from BPCA, however we desperately need further funds to complete our relief programme.

We have provided wheelchairs and mattresses to over 30 victims.

Over the last month the BPCA have visited over 103 victims of the Peshawar bomb attack.  Many of these casualties of the unprovoked attack, have relied on our food parcels and medical supplies, due to an ability to work and earn form themselves.  Moreover, whilst visiting we have compiled a list of items that victims have personally requested, items which they feel enable them to cope with the unfortunate situations they find themselves in.  We will be posting a complete list of needs by tomorrow and pray that some of you feel moved to donate towards our relief work which is providing essential support to this beleaguered community.  

Over the last three days we have stepped up our aid effort thanks to donations from Elim Church Missions and  numerous personal donations. Gifts we were able to distribute include wheelchairs and foam mattresses and a number of school fees, medical costs and medicines.  Whilst in Peshawar yesterday another bomb exploded literally 10 metres away from our workers.  All of them survived unscathed but it caused us great concern and some very anxious moments.  Unfortunately two children were killed in the bomb attack and we ask you to pray for a restoration of peace in Peshawar, a town that has seen four bomb attacks in recent weeks. Please pray for our volunteers and Aid staff who travel great distances in discomfort to provide help to others.  The value of their work is incalculable and without them we would not be able to react so quickly and professionally. 

We have been inspired by stories of great bravery from these victims and the community at large.  It has been noted that Church services are still well attended as parishioners opt to attend church with more fervour, trying to make sense of the violence and seeking solace protection through God.  

The community continues to pray and put their trust in God and have exhibited an unshakable faith.  Our Aid Workers have been met with great love, despite the tensions these families face and the imposition on their privacy. This has made it simple to collate a list of needs and to help these families effectively.  The needs of this community however are immense and we are continuing our work until donations cease.

The BPCA will be continuing its relief fund to help this beleaguered community.  Donations will pay towards false limbs, support for orphaned children and counselling for families grieving for the bereaved and injured.

If you would like to donate to our relief work our bank details are as follows:
Sort Code: 20-67-90
Account number: 63468976
Bank: Barclays
Ref:  Peshawar Bomb Blast

Alternatively if you would like to send a one of donation please use the pay-pal facility on the top right hand corner of our blog, or simply send a cheque made payable to the  BPCA  to our address 57 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1XG.
With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

The girl in black lying  on the floor is Kashmala.  Kashmala is 16 years old and a first year student  for her FA exams next year.  Kashmala has been made immobile due to severe damage to her legs. Another brother received some damage to his back. This family received 2 mattress and 1 wheelchair from the  BPCA. 

Believers gained great solace from prayer support and appreciated the gifts paid for by your donations.  

The man on the left is Samuel, his sister name Sahrish is 15 yrs old and is studying for her Metriculation exams (GCSE level).  One of her legs has been seriously damaged and will soon be amputated (once she can raise the money for the operation). They were provided with one mattress and one wheelchair. 

Mr Stephen who is a teacher and 50yrs of age, has had a bypass operation and he suffered severe damage to his stomach, during the explosions.  A large number of shards had to be removed from his body.  We have provided him with one wheelchair and one mattress. 

Aid workers Yousaf  Arman and Inayat Masih spent three days distributing the gifts.

Victims thanked the global community of humanitarians that provided donations for our relief packages.  Our donations have come from Hindus, Sikhs, Muslim's and Christians.

 Jonathan Sohail is aged 56, he is a teacher whose legs were damaged during the explosion. He received a mattress and wheel chair from the BPCA. Our  officer prayed with victims helping them channel their problems onto God.

Asher is 21 years of age and is currently a BA student. His right arm and legs were damaged by the explosions. He received a mattress. 

Below are images of the bomb that exploded 10 metres away from our Aid workers on Monday 4th November.  Two children were killed by the attack.  Please pray for their families.
An electricity pylon collapses to the floor.

Blood found near where the bomb exploded.

This smaller bomb exploded 10 metres away from our aid workers.  They escaped unscathed but please keep them in your prayers.


  1. very nice Work God bless you sir you and your home and your family and your ministry

  2. Dear brother Wilson:
    You & your Organization is doing a wonderful work for the innocent
    lambs of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. God bless you all.
    Prayerful regards,

    Agnes Massey