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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Scottish Pak-Christians hold service for victims of Peshawar

Scottish Pakistani Christians

The Scottish Asian Christian Association held a memorial service for victims of the Peshawar bombings on Saturday 28th October 2013, at Pollokshileds Church of Scotland..  The event was a huge success over 100 participants, the majority of whom where from the indigenous white Scottish community.  Speakers included Altaf Gohar who raised funds on behalf of the Diocese of Peshawar and donations amounted to £1595.   Wilson Chowdhry form the British Pakistani Christian was invited to speak at the event but due to difficulties in finding the venue arrived mid-service.  Wilson delivered updates on the situation in Pakistan to all the visitors to the church and we have gained several news members of our group.  Wilson travelled at 8pm at night on the friday and arrived at 3am in the morning, completely shattered and had apologised profusely for his late arrival, which was due to a satellite navigation concern.  At the end of the event he said;

"It was  wonderful to see so many Pakistani Christians in Scotland working together to help victims of the twin peshawar bomb attack.  Rarely have I seen so many nonPak-Christians gathered to remember our suffering brothers in Pakistan, and great credit should be given to Sheem Gill for organising such a special event."  

He added;  "Although I was unable to speak at the event, the seven hour journey was not wasted.  I met some wonderful people and my young daughter Hannah realised that our community extends across the country and contributes to the betterment of society."

Sheem Gill with Wilson Chowdhry

Sheem Gill a dedicated Christian and Pakistani Christian mentor to us all.

Scottish Christians prayed for victims of the twin suicide bombings.

The atmosphere was sombre but filled with good intent.

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  1. Brother-in-Christ:
    You and your team are working wonderful relief work.
    God bless you.