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Monday, 11 November 2013

The Treatment and Portrayal of Women and Minorities through Education System in Pakistan

The British Pakistani Christian Association is currently collecting data on how women and minorities are portrayed through the education system in Pakistan. It would therefore be most helpful if readers could answer the following questions which have particular relevance to anyone who has been to school in Pakistan as the information will be collated and formalised into a report which will then be presented to the British government, European Parliament and Pakistani Government.  Our report will also be published in book format for wider readers.

Have you ever suffered persecution on account of your faith?

Have you felt treated differently in school and class on account of your faith?

Have you or anyone you've known had progress limited in school, on account of your beliefs and faith?

Have you ever been told that certain jobs are off limits to you on account of your faith?

Has your own faith been taught in school as part of the curriculum?

What faiths if any are taught in the Pakistani Education system?

Have you ever suffered harassment on account of your gender?

Have you ever been treated negatively on account of your gender (mainly directed towards women and girls)?

Do you feel that in school you were not given the same chances on account of you being a woman or a girl?

Was education considered something for men an boys only in either your family or your community?

What could be done to overcome these issues?

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