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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Jesus' walk in Golgotha to be re-enacted in Ilford!

A re-enactment of Jesus' walk to Golgotha will take place in Ilford on Tuesday.  The event is being organised by the Redbridge Easter Parade Planning Committee to highlight their procession and festival to be held on Easter Mnday (21st April 2014).

It is hoped the shocking depiction of Christ's final hours on our earth, will remind local people of His great sacrifice and encourage better attendance at Ilford churches.

Pastor Bryon Jones of Eden Christian Centre said;  "Jesus dying on the cross was one of the most pivotal moments of Christian history, it was a necessary act to provide the opportunity for eternal life to mankind."

The re-enactment will take place at Ilford Town Centre on Tuesday at 10:30am.  Onlookers will be met with images of the brutal whipping and stoning of Jesus, as he carried the heavy wooden cross,on which he would later die from suffocation.

Wilson Chowdhry Event Manager for the parade said;  Our Easter Parade will be a day of excitement and joy for all people of Redbridge.  Fun activities such as a procession, live music, drama, games, stalls and a funfair will make it a great outing for families."  He added; "The event will also have a more serious message, attempting to remove the myths about Christianity and reminding people of the true message of Easter, based on hope and new life"

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