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Friday, 10 January 2014

Rival murders Christian businessman, extremists threaten family with death if don't convert

In September last year, in Karachi, a Christian goldsmith was murdered by a jealous Muslim rival, after the Muslim accused him of blasphemy.  Muhammad Asif slit Boota Masih's throat and then repeatedly stabbed him in broad daylight in front of police and other workers who did nothing to stop the attack or apprehend the murderer.  Initially, the police refused to register a case and start to investigate , but did so after pressure from the family and other Christians.  However, a month later, a group of armed men broke into the grieving families home and threatened to kill them if they did not withdraw the murder complaint and convert to Islam.  While the actual murderer was - at last report - still on the loose, the police did act promptly and arrested three for the house-breaking and death threats.


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