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Friday, 24 January 2014

Petition to Condemn Hate Speech broadcast on Satellite Television in Britain

A mainstream Pakistani TV channel (ARY TV Sky Channel UK 806) recently broadcast a programme in which the news analyst made inflammatory comments against Hindus.

Being a satellite channel this was heard all over Britain and indeed the world. When brought to the attention of BPCA chairman Wilson Chowdhry, he immediately contacted Ranbir Singh, chair of the Hindu Human Rights Group. On viewing the material the latter released this statement:

"Hindu Human Rights Group is deeply concerned that such statements were broadcast on television ion Britain. The UK has worked hard to ensure that all communities participate and have equal rights in this society. Activities which inflame hatred against any section of British society should be condemned and decisive action should be taken. While freedom of speech is sacrosanct this does not include unambiguous hate speech which is designed to explicitly cause harm to any individual or community. HHR therefore condemns the virulent and toxic nature of this Pakistan TV discussion programme which threatens to unravel the hard work done over the years in making this country tolerant, open and indeed welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds."
Mr Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA echoed this condemnation, especially in the light of the hard work which the BPCA has undertaken with various organisations and individuals in order to foster better community relations and understanding within people from different backgrounds. Wilson Chowdhry said;

"We at the BPCA  are very concerned about the airing of the Pakistan TV Show on ARY TV in which the presenter openly advocated and glorified the killing of Hindus.  As an organisation that has worked constructively with many communities and individuals of many backgrounds, we feel that hate speech such as this, only undermines the goodwill and understanding that makes Britain, such an open and broad-minded society. Moreover, the hate messages only serve to stir up dissension that will culminate in alienation and conflict. We would therefore urge the relevant authorities and media watchdogs to take appropriate action."

The BPCA has reported the offence to media watchdogs OFCOM and Mr Chowdhry who sits on the Scotland Yard SO15 'Communities Together Strategic Engagement Team' Panel, has asked the South Asian Officer to investigate further into the broadcast and what action can be taken.

The BPCA and HHR urge people of good conscience concerned about hate speech, to sign the petition below:

Full translations from the Urdu programme broadcast on ARY are provided below:

0:08: If you ask me the reality then I pray to Allah that Americans should depart from there, leaving the Indians behind.

0:14: It has been a long time now since we have not massacred the Hindus in Afghanistan.

0:18: Historically, it always happened there and for the same reason the mountains of Afghanistan are called Hindu Kush.

0:24: Hindu Kush means a place where Hindus are massacred, a place that kills Hindus.

0:29: Historically, whenever Hindus from India have entered Afghanistan, they have been slaughtered there

0:34: And we pray to Allah that Americans should leave there, leaving the Baniya [caste] behind

O:40: And we would treat this Baniya in a way that it would not dare to act towards Afghanistan and Pakistan for the next thousand years. (ends at 0:48)

0:57: Afghan Taliban have always been in support of Pakistan there. They are loyal to us. They are our neighbours, our brothers. (ends at 1:04)

1:19: Afghanistan is a Muslim country and only Muslim countries will decide the fate of its History.

1:24: Turkey, Iran and Pakistan will unanimously decide about Afghanistan.

1:29: The Hindu pagans/infidels have nothing to do there.

1:32: Afghan Taliban are waiting to bury the Hindu pagans there just as the Americans have been buried there.

1:40: We are just praying. They are no problem for us. We only have problems as long as the Americans are there.


2: 23: It is a time for India to have a serious limited war with Pakistan and they want to have it. (Ends at 2:30)

3:06: That war will neither be limited, nor conventional.

3:09: They are living in fools’ paradise and these infidels/pagans can’t imagine that once they would tease us, we might, God willing, take our war to Delhi while fighting for the freedom of Kashmir. It is an ancient history of ours. (ends at 3:19).

3:19: From Hindu Kush Mountains to Delhi, it is not the area of Hindus.

3:25: It is the area of Muslims and although there are Hindus temporarily there today, it is just a matter of time.
3: 30 God willing, the same would happen in history that has happened for the thousands of years in the past. (ends at 3:32). 

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