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Monday, 21 February 2011

Here is an appeal for help for a victim of persecution in Pakistan - this was sent by a Shaheen Zar and it is printed in verbatim, prima facie:

"This is a strong appeal to every Christian to help Kamran and his family to save their lives before more Muslim brutality is repeated ,after which nothing can be done except to regret

May our Lord God bless. The killing of Jesus’ followers in Pakistan under the blasphemy law involves many innocent Christians who are being targeted.
Such a case I wish to draw your attention to, a recent issue raised in St. Patrick’s College Karachi

Mr. Kamran Rashid, is a highly educated and respected Christian, completed his Msc in mathematics in 2002 from University of Karachi; in 2005 he was appointed in St. Patrick’s College as a lecturer. He has two sisters, a younger brother and a widowed mother to look after, as after the death of his father he took the responsibility of the family.

On 2nd of Feb. 2011 he went to college where there was a horrific and frightening situation to face as there was a huge crowd protesting and asking for Kamran Rashid. The accusation brought against him was toheen e risalat (disrespecting Prophet) the angry group of Muslims wanted to punish him right away; somehow he escaped alive with the help of management.

Consequently he and his family are now facing such a difficulty which would lead them to be killed for the “sin” they have never committed. As they are now in hiding in different places and asking shelter from churches and people, many of these refuse to help and avoid them because they do not want to get involved in this matter, in fact they are scared.

This matter is in its early stage at the moment, but the Muslim group called JAMAYAT e ISLAMI is in search of them. As soon as they find them they would be facing Muslim inhumanity and persecution.

As recently Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan under blasphemy law, there are many such cases which never became known, and/or reported, but this killing continues in and under the veil of “disrespecting prophet"


  1. I have often wondered why many Muslims are so much more worried about disrespect for Muhammad than Christians are for Jesus Christ. Could it be that a dead prophet cannot stand up for himself, whereas a live one can?

  2. Until places such as Pakistan separate religion from state and build up a society with liberal values and civic duties, nothing will change. Keeping a theocracy with the veneer of democracy is stifling, claustrophobic and regressive. It ensures the majority live in fear of oppressive clerics and as serfs of landlords, exploitative employers and an intrusive vampire state. And while minorities are excluded and marginalised in a 21st century dhimmitude, the Muslim majority remain serfs of the aforementioned exploitative elements.

  3. everyone knows that Christians in Pakistan are not safe. we are living in fear especially with the current situation in Karachi. How come the Church (i.e the fathers) does not do anything to help its congregation . Yet a chance is never left to ask the congregation for donation. If the church wants im sure it can appeal so many Christians countries to help Christians who want to migrate. but then again if all the Christians
    migrate who will support the church and where will the heavy donations come in from. Is this the life we and our kids are supposed to face . To live in Fear ....