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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

If our communities cannot work together they will not be able to cope with environmental plight!

As the Pakistan Governement is embroiled in societal feuding and diplomatic conflict it's people are forced to swim miles to obtain food and other aid from foreign charities....

The recent deluge in Pakistan may just be the tip of the iceberg - excuse the pun. Many of our Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Sikh brothers in Pakistan and of course other diversities seem to be missing the point.

Pakistan's people are facing a much bigger crises than they realise and if they do not recognise the global climate change issue (whether Pakistan believes there is a human input or not - it exists), they will not be able to cope with future major weather change.

I am aware that much of my readership is not aware of the fact that on the 26th May, the official temperature in Mohenjodaro in south-central Pakistan reached 128 degrees Fahrenheit, a record for Asia. Moreover, it is well recorder that snow and glaciers in the western Himalayas, where the tributaries of the Indus River originate, were melting fast. The excess water was already swelling the Indus River before the copious rainfall struck the country with terror. This particular weather anomaly was noted by Pakistani glaciologist M. Iqbal Khan.

The best way to overcome social, economic and environmental plight is by working together. It is essential that somehow Pakistan overcomes, its political weakness, Social division and economic scarcity if it is to somehow build a safer, better and fairer Pakistan. Moreover, a concerted effort to reduce the carbon footprint of one of the most significant carbon producers, would go a long way towards showing God we care for the earth he gifted us with.

Moreover, it is time the world and the nation of Pakistan prepared itself for environmental change as it is affecting us all. The recent tremors in New Zealand highlight the need for better safety measures to protect life. Nature is a strong force but God can overcome all things, it would be great to see Christchurch cathedral restored to its former glory but with engineering features that make it a bastion for people subjected to any future tremors in that frequently affected province.

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  1. There seems to be regional climate change, which is quite distinct from a general 'global warming' which does not seem to be evident to any marked degree. UK and Europe have had the coldest winter for more than 100 years and it may be that that there is a global SHIFT to weather patterns. It remains to be seen if the Himalayan glaciers will revert to normal, and, for that matter, to see if UK weather is reverting to a colder pattern previously normal!