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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Killer of Governor Salman Taseer sent cards of Love on Valentines day...

Mr Qadri must have a record for the most valentines day cards ever... I wonder if he would have been similarly successful in the UK?
The man in the image has a Valentines card for Mr Qadri - did he purchase one for his wife? Is his wife not jealous of his obvious attraction?

To many in the western world recent events in Pakistan must seem strange in the least and rather bizarre.

On Valentines day in the UK people remember their loved ones, traditionally the day is focused on wives, partners, and those we secretly admire. Yet in Pakistan whilst Mumtaz Qadri was pleading guilty for the murder of Governor Taseer, in a closed session in an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi - flowers and valentines cards were being presented to Police to be given to the killer.

When a reporter asked whether Valentines Day should be celebrated by Muslims, the retort received was "Islam is not opposed to Love".

Mumtaz Qadri will now face a court hearing on the 26th of February and a lenient decision in this case, could reciprocally mean a negative decision for the case of Asia Bibi.

The BPCA is concerned that the case for Mumtaz Qadri has been swift in its progress to a court hearing, whilst Christian cases of blasphemy take years to be heard subjecting innocent victims to years in unnecessary incarceration.

We ask churches up and down the country to pray for boldness and fairness in the decisions made by judges involved in these cases. We also pray for a restoration of peace to a very disunited demographic of people.
Listen to Wilson on a Premier Christian Radio interview:

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  1. Thank you for passing your emails onto me. We pray for Asia Bibi and all our brothers and sister in Pakistan. God Bless You, Steve Carroll