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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani shows no mercy for Asia Bibi

Primeminister Yousaf Raza Gillani has discarded the report calling for a pardon for Asia Bibi and repeal of the Pakistan Blasphemy Law from a senior Government Official.

It was reported in the Jaang Newspaper in Pakistan (Urdu) yesterday that on Tuesday The Primeminister rejected calls for freedom for Asia Bibi and abrogation of the Blasphemy Law detailed in a report from Shabhaz Bhatti the Federal Minister for Minorities. This was in response to a request for the Minorites Minister's proposal be denied, by Babar Awan the Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (LJPA). It is also reported that the Minister of (LJPA) was very pleased with the decision. The decison has been cascaded to other Cabinet Members who have all ratified the scrapping of the proposals.

LJPA minister Babar Awan confirmed to the Jaang that the Blasphemy Law will be terminated and that the Proposal for Minister Shabhaz Bhatti has been rejected.

An Application from the Home Minister also recommended for Asia Bibi to be set free and has similarly received a rejection.

This is a real blow for the Human Rights movement of Pakistan and could result in the termination of life for Asia Bibi, the unfortunate mother of 5 caught up in the unjust Blasphemy Law of Pakistan.

A link to the story in the Urdu version of Jaang Newspapere is shown below:

The BPCA condems this decision which is a reverse of the earlier committment by Governor Taseer and President Zardari - who promised a pardon until a subjudice disqualification was highlighted by the Lahore High Court. Moreover, If the High Court now decides to terminate the life of Asia Bibi, the insurance card many of us expected - via a post-court presidential pardon, now looks exceedingly unlikely.

Pakistan is in need of strong political leaders committed to making the right decisions, or we will see a continuance of sectarian violence and religious community friction, highlighted in recent times.

We will keep you informed of the ensuing case of Asia Bibi.


  1. The politicians are more concerned about how to save their seats rather than disburse justice. Doing the right things may not just nullify their vote bank but turn the extremists on them, just like Salman Taseer.
    What judge will release her when that decision might put his life in jeopardy???
    The irony is that many say the law is not even Islamic!!!!

  2. I have no words to describe what I'm feeling right now. The Pakistan government is being run by extremists, who will stand up to them? I can't believe a poor woman may lose her life. Breaks my heart.

  3. This would be a judicial killing of an innocent women if the high court of Pakistan rejects her appeal against her death sentence. In my opinion no judge in any court of Pakistan can give her justice. Somebody should bring this case to the International Court of Human Rights, Den Hague as soon as possible, otherwise Pakistani courts are going to kill this innocent women.

  4. I have had a very interesting thought here.
    In Pakistan where the national religion is Islam this poor woman loses either her life or her liberty for saying something that is only allegedly making a comparison point between Jesus and their prophet.

    Well here in the UK the state religion is still Christianity as our queen is the head of the church of England "Defender of the Faith".

    Now Islam by it's very denial of the deity of Christ is blaspheming Christianity. Yet Britain allow Muslims to be Muslims and blaspheme all they want over here. Shows you how more tolerant Christians are.

  5. @ Anonymous from 15th February 11:42:
    I don't get why this controversy is always this dissing between Christian and Muslim. It's exactly what it should not be. And you don't seem to be a very tolerant Christian if you still keep insisting on how great your religion is in comparison to Muslims.
    Maybe you should consider that, in the situation you just described, are much more factors playing a role than just "my religion is good and all the others suck."

  6. Would Anonymous of
    17 February 2011 14:48
    (a)describe the other factors playing a role
    (b) assess the rights and wrongs

  7. hmmm, I strongly disagree with Bishop Issac Mall. I believe Hector Aleem is innocent of said charges. You can say what you want, but I think you are mistaken................