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Thursday, 26 May 2011

BPCA thanks Lahore Police for protecting Christian Community

 Our letter of thanks was delivered to the local Police force.

The Flowers spelt out a "Thank U"to the Police.

 The Police were welcoming and proved to be a very professional outfit.
 Indian sweets were offered a common gift of thanks in Pakistan.
Our team talked of the pleasant nature of the wonderful Police staff at Civil Lines station.

This morning at 09:00 at the Lahore Civil Lines Police station BPCA delegates handed over a thank you wreath of flowers to the Lahore Police, who acted bravely and promptly in resolving a conflict at St Joseph's Church Lahore, that could have escalated into significant violence.

On the 8th of April parishioners entering church for evening mass at the well known St Joseph's Church, Lawrence Road. were terrorised by a man shouting abuse whilst ripping apart a Christian Bible.  The event was insulting and very disturbing for the local Christian community causing distress and anxiety.  The aggressor was apprehended by Christian men who immediately called Police to the scene.  The very prompt arrival of Police officers resulted in the arrest, detainment  and prosecution of the felon.  This expedient response  resulted in a rapid de-escalation of an event that could have caused greater schism amongst local Christians and Muslims.

The perpetrator later confirmed his actions were a retaliation for the hurt and distress caused by thee Quran burning incident undertaken by the infamous American Pastor Terry Jones.

In a gesture of thanks the British Pakistani Christian Association organised a delegation to present  flowers with a £3kg box of mitai (Pakistani sweets) to the local police force.  Our intent was to notify the Lahore Police that their bravery and fairness was recognised globally.  We felt that recognition creates incentive for further good practice and wanted to do our small part in rewarding the positive efforts of these professional officers.

Our delegates said:

"...Unfortunately we couldn't meet with the SHO due to him being involved in a rally against hunger strike of poor victims of Pakistan.  The police welcomed us very well and  the SHO was very good natured. We are really thankful to the staff of the Civil Line Police Station for their positive response and cooperation in organising the event and looking after our community.  We have handed over the 3kg of mitai, the flowers as per your instructions.  Our team who visited the Civil Line Police Station are Waqar Peter Gill, Babar Bashir and Samuel John.  Thank you for the efforts of the BPCA"

Our letter of thanks contained the following words:

Dearest Lahore Police Force, 

RE: Your professional conduct in tackling the Bible desecration at St Joseph's Church, Lahore.

The British Pakistani Christian Association send its grateful thanks for the professional manner in which your Police conducted themselves, during the Bible desecration incident at St Joseph's Church. Lawrence Road, Lahore on 8th April 2011.  Your prompt and efficient delivery of service nullified local community schism and is a credit to your Police authority and Country.  You have shown yourselves to be brave and honourable men and Christian across the globe are praying for you and acknowledge your commitment to peace and local crime reduction.  You have made the Global image of Pakistan one that is significantly more favourable then other recent events had tarnished.   

God bless you all 

Kind regards

Wilson Chowdhry
British Pakistani Christian Association 

Ps The bearer of this letter is a confirmed Pakistani delegate for our organisation. 


  1. thts great. we need to appreciate all the time our state institutions help us

  2. Good idea brother, gestures like this could play a vital role in saving our community.

  3. Waqar Peter Gill27 May 2011 at 11:11

    "_Win,For God Is Your Power,And Beleive He Is With You_"

    With This Spirit We moved To The Civil Line Police Station & God Worked There...

    Waqar Peter Gill

  4. Nice gesture and thinking Wilson, it is good to support and motivate our law enforcement agencies to not only protect but to respect human beliefs. God bless you & your work.

    James Lawrence
    (member of : Pakistani Australian Christian Association)

  5. ts good to see BPCA working for Pakistani Christians in Pakistan.every individual has got responsibility to represent Christianity & participation not only in few fields of life but in all especially i would like to ask to my Pakistani Christian friends come and take part in Politics we need such talent to lead our Nation on a Progressive and Prosperous path to make better Pakistan.Currently im Representing Christian Community in APML a Political Party Presided by President Pervez Musharraf who has done alot for the Pakistani Christians ever than before in the History of Pakistan,i want my Christian Friends to share hand with me so we can work with the Fresh Incorrupt minds to make our Christian Nation last i would to say thanks to BPCA.

    Shakeel Jahangir
    (Christian Leader(A.P.M.L)Lahore,Pakistan)

  6. It's good to say thanks and encourage others for their good deeds and behaviour.

    You've done good by acting appropriately on this matter. However, I want to question the current state of this case. While your representatives were there, have they done something to ensure justice for Christians in this case through the conviction of culprit?

    The Express Tribune reported that an FIR under 295-A was logged and under section 295-A of the Pakistan Penal Code, offender could be jailed for 10 years.

    What's the current update on this case Wilson?

  7. I am obtaining information please bear with me...