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Friday, 27 May 2011

Concerns raised about election of Bishop of Multan...

Dear All

I member of the diocese of Multan a Sally Mathew, has raised concerns regarding the election of a new Bishop for the diocese.  Elections are to take place in the first week of June 2011.  The diocese of Multan has been without a Bishop for the last 6 years and Sally Mathew has noticed a significant deterioration in its direction with much infighting in the church and several Spiritual attacks, according to Mathew.

Sally Mathew was married at Multan's Cantt Church (aka Khokar Girja) and remembers much better times.  Sally commented;

"We all agree that the position requires God's calling , clean politics and self interest. I have heard a majority of people with faith say that if you want to see the worst brand of politics, see it in the church. We may agree to this or not, it is individual's perception."

His concern is not unwarranted as many of our brethren are aware of church land sales that have contributed to the personal purse of elected bishops.  These same bishops once elected can no be excommunicated for poor behaviour or corruption.  The land sales at St Joseph's church was a very acrimonious affair that split the church and resulted in threats to the lives of parishioners, directly from the Bishop of Faisalabad:

At the same time however, Sally Mathew is concerned about the existing rifts in the church diocese and hopes a new Bishop who is anointed by God, might bring about the necessary change to enable the diocesan Christian community to blossom and develop into a stronger more Godly people.

In closing Sally Mathew said;

"I encourage you to please pray that Lord brings forth the right person according to His will so that the diocese can be led faithfully and with dedication under His fear in a way that it flourishes both physically and spiritually and His name is glorified."

1 comment:

  1. I need to clarify that irrespective of anything else, my email was not to highlight something but simply to pray that the bishop elect be of God's own choice and not through politics and money.If it is as per His calling, certainly Gods work will be done.
    In my remarks above the correct sentences are:

    " We all agree that the position requires God's calling, clear of politics and self interest.I have heard the people of majority faith( Muslims) saying.."
    If someone desires to clarify anything else. My email is given below.
    Anyway I thank Wilson for posting it one BPCA blog. God Bless!
    Commander(r) Mathew.