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Friday, 20 May 2011

Maleeha Lodhi talks on Pakistan!

A packed house heard Maleeha speak on the issues facing Pakistan.
Mrs Lodhi spoke eloquently and with sound knowledge.
I was compelled to buy her book simply termed Pakistan.

The previous UK High Commissioner for Pakistan Maleeha Lodhi held a conference on Pakistan at the House of Lords on Tuesday 18th May.  The event was a debate on how to bring about reform to Pakistan so that it could become the, strong, wealthy, powerful equal and fair society that Jinnah envisaged when he set about on the route for it's creation.

Mrs Lodhi's comments were very informative, comprehensive and she held a very insightful view on the situation in Pakistan.  There was a sticky moment for me when Maleeha spoke of the collaborative attempt to demonize Pakistan by external forces and media in the west.  However, she countered this view with a comment that reflected on the overall blame for the demonization that fell on Pakistan, as one of its own making.  This she believed was based on inner political turmoil that had led to military despotism and extremist pressures that had decimated Pakistani society as a whole, leading to the recent polarisation and persecution evident in today's society.

She called for greater equality and rule of law and a return to the vision of the founder of Pakistan Muhammed Ali Jinnah.

Mrs Lodhi has edited a book termed "Pakistan" it contains some fascinating insights on the situation in Pakistan and provides a way forward.  Although it provides no panacea to the derivative concerns of the political and economic situation in Pakistan, the ideologies presented in the book are still uniquely profound and worth a read.  I do not promote books generally in my postings but the first two chapters of the book which I have read, talk sensibly on the true enemy for Pakistan ( it's internal extremists), and the true vision of a democratic, untheocratic Pakistan that was promulgated in many speeches by Qaid -e-Azam.  

I remember Maleeha Lodhi from when she visited my second Redbridge Carnival event, she was a caring woman with a real passion for Pakistan and its diaspora in the UK - irrespective of faith.  As a High Commissioner there could not have been a more loyal or credible Ambassador for Pakistan to the UK.  I personally wish her well in all that she does.

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