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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Muslim man responsible for Quran Burning that has caused terror to Christian enclaves in Gujranwala

In a sensational turn of events reports have been released that the Quran burning incident in Gujranwala was perpetrated by a follower of Islam.  A report from our informant in Pakistan has confirmed that a Muslim man named Qadri Irfan Qadir along with various other cohorts have been  arrested following a thorough Police investigation. 

Our correspondent informed us;

"...He has admitted that he was the one to make plans to raise hell in Gujranwala and he was successful in that. Qadri prepared two kids who threw the burnt holy pages on his directions, both times."

Former Brigadier Samson Sharaf commented;

"Irfan Qadri and Irfan Shah were the main culprits. Saroya the CHANGAR is the third. There is irrefutable evidence of their involvement. Materiel, technical and circumstantial."

The Christian community has been rocked by this revelation, the fact that the heinous crime was undertaken by a non-Christian has never been in question, however, the manner in which police have acted so responsibly and professionally and have located and arrested the transgressor is a strong and positive precedent.

It is now hoped the fury and hatred that has been focused on the innocent Christian community will now dissipate and that a restoration of peace will ensue.

It is not yet known if a blasphemy charge has been placed against Mr Qadir whose actions could have cost the lives of innocent people.  The fear and polarisation he has caused, was enhanced and exaggerated by the leaders of the protest who responded to the illegitimate allegations with a fervour that is not becoming for religious leaders, especially those involved with Interfaith harmony.  It is hoped that proper justice ensues and that legal action in the form of sentencing is enacted upon all those involved in creating a melting pot of hatred against the local Christian minority. 

Pakistan will need to review who and how it funds interfaith harmony projects.  International groups need to ensure that individuals, who exercise such hatred are not given the platform to cause the intensity of hatred that Qari Zahid Saleem, president of the Interfaith Harmony Committee of Gujranwala, Local leaders of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP), were able foster during the recent protests in Gujranwala.  


  1. I hope that everyone will repost this information throughout the web. I do not see this at all on our news sources, and it is important to get the TRUTH OUT INTO THE LIGHT.
    Thank you so much for your fine reporting and keeping up updated. God bless you all.
    Your sister and friend, USA

  2. Thanks God! Now what will happen with The Christians arrested under 295.

  3. Why Christian always harmed by false accusing?.."Jesus help our community"

  4. I cannot believe that I haven't seen this important information posted on any other website than yours. Do you think the Muslim community will not admit that it was one of their own who actually did the blasphemous acts? Think they are trying to cover it up so they can still continue to make the Christians scape goats for something they never did? Where is the accountability? Will the government or police ever come out with a statement of who is the real culprit on this and clear the names of the Christians who have been falsely accused? The Muslim community actually owe the Gill family and others they have persecuted, a big apology! They wrong innocent people and should show a conscience about what they have done.
    Can you get us an update on this particular issue - whether or not it will be publicized who the actual culprits are? And, has this discovery calmed down the demonstrations and threats against the Christians in Gulzar and Aziz colonies?
    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date - it looks like you are the only ones who are.
    God bless you!
    A Sister in Christ, California, U.S.A.

  5. Looks like you have a one sided view on the big picture- all the posts!!!

    Agreed that the section has some fault- and agreed that Christians have been persecuted- but so have been Muslims and in greater number than Christians- almost double!!!!!

    So if we talk about Interfaith harmony we should be considering both faiths- not just one!!!! When Shahbaz Bhatti was assassinated there were more Muslim protests and rallies than Christians- more Muslim ppl around the globe supported his wrong killing. RIP.

    But from Christians there is always a tilted and one-sided view. A self-sided view.

    Sooooo many Muslims die in Pakistan everyday- never heard a WORD from the Christian community!!! Y?

    Never heard that the Christian community was taking part in a protest or taking out a rally against some legislation, or against some wrong doing on Pakistan!!! Y??????

    Y does the community choose to remain silent on matters that concern the country, when they can easily have a say ;and yet want security from the same country???????

    Can some one plz answer my questions!!!!!!


  6. justice has been done....we Christians are once again purified by the BLOOD OF CHRIST......
    Engineer Anil Daniel
    Aziz Colony Gujranwala

  7. Does someone have an update on the situation in the Aziz and Gulzar colonies? I see from Mr. Daniel above that he is praising God. That must mean that the Lord has intervened in the situation and redeemed the Christians.

    Can someone please give an update - and also how is Mr. Gill and his son? Are they released and at home again or have they had to relocate?

    Any news please?

    Thank you and we are continuing to pray for peace in that area and throughout Pakistan.

    Your sister and friend
    California, USA

  8. Once again a wave of uncertainty is rising in our area of Aziz Colony....The high profile personalities of Gujranwala are trying to release the culprits...if they are released again they will create more panic in the society.....

  9. Miss Sonia can u answer one simple question....When this sort of case is imposed on Minorities then the whole Colonies are destroyed?
    Who is responsible for all this?
    Now Qari Irfan Qadri and Irfan Shah Has admitted that they have burnt the Quran Pak Muslim friends are trying to protect him and release him....
    Your Comments......