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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Farrukh Mustaq is free - Praise God! Killer of Sweeper has been arrested and will undergo prosecution hearing.

Farrukh Mustaq the young professional in the middle of the Gujranwala controversy has been freed.  On 11th April 2011 Farrukh and his father had been arrested under false blasphemy charges,  based on an alleged Quran burning without substantiated evidence.

The actual perpetrator of the crime was a Qari Irfan who is still in Police custody.  A local man informed us that local Sunni Muslim's are calling for his release on the grounds of mental health, whilst Wahabi Muslim's are seeking his death for the act of blasphemy. He commented;

"....that Qari irfan qadri has been declared mental, ,co z the matter had shifted from Christians to in between wahabis and sunnis. Wahabis were furiously demanding the capital puinishment of Qari but sunnis were trying to save him."  

The father and son are in hiding in a town we are aware of and have been advised  not to return to Gujranwala.  They have not been compensated for their loss of revenue or their need for new accommodation.  We have been advised they are in good health.


The murderer who killed poor Christian road sweeper Abbas Masih has been arrested and is in custody, we have been told by the prosecution solicitor:

Hello Wilson,

CDI is providing free legal assistance to the family of Abbas Masih (36) killed by Muhammad Imran. By no efforts we can stop such incidents as the world can never be free of crime. However, the important thing is that the state machinery should be sensitive enough and take up legal cases with full sincerity. The police are not very much helpful to the family. This is the point which needs to protested and brought to the notice of state.
Take care,

Asif Aqeel

Further details on this story can be found by clicking the link below:

Please keep the family of the victim in your prayers.

We are creating a fund for the family and seek your donations to help support them through a difficult financial situation, created by the loss of the main bread winner.  Abbas Masih leaves behind a wife and 4 children.  His life was lost so tragically in a deplorable act of hatred, based on a trivial matter. Pray that God brings peace where this anger pervades the very fabric of society.

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