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Friday, 22 July 2011

Melody of the mind highlight poverty and persecution of Minorities in Pakistan

A short video with devotional chanting and photo images of the lifestyle of Pakistani Christians has been produced by Melody of the Mind, led by Nathaniel Lewis.  He is soon to become  a Trustee of the BPCA and is a man full committed to championing the rights of the Pakistani Christian community, despite being white in origin.  This is a clear example of why wider collaborations are so vital for our community and I pray that more of us will allow this fruitful partnerships to blossom.  Please enjoy the video by clicking the link below:


  1. Professor Mobeen Shahid - Vatican University23 July 2011 at 14:25

    Dear Wilson,

    sad to hear about your mother who is still in the hospital, we wish her good health and our nuns have been praying for her good health!

    I have listened to the "melody of mind" which sounds like a lamentation and it did remind me of a lamentation for jews persecution made by a jewish. In the lamentation tuned I had the impression of hearing "isa masih" (to intend Jesus Christ) if I am correct I would like to make a point, as I did also with Shahbaz Bhatti and we worked together to remove the official word "Isai" for christians and to introduce "Masihi", that the correct word in urdu for "Jesus Christ" is یسوع مسیح
    and the pronunciation is "Yesu Masih".

    "Isa" is rather a word used in Quran for Christ which is not present in the Holy Bibile.

    with cordial regards!
    prof. Mobeen Shahid
    Pontificia Università Lateranense

  2. Hi Shahid, I will pass your comment to Nathaniel. I am aware of the issue regarding Isa Masih as my wife told me several years ago.

    Thank you for your continued prayers and support.