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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Mother is in hospital and I would appreciate your prayers.

Dear all,

Many of you will know my mother Helen Victoria Chowdhry the wife of Waheeb Ur Rehman Chowdhry (RIP).

She has been in hospital for 4 days now after taking ill on Saturday.  We have been told she has kidney failure and water on the lungs and this has been aggravated by the complications of her insulin dependency for diabetes.

Mum watched my recent interview on Gateway TV with glee, it was the first time she had seen me on TV and was pleased with my performance.  She had been suffering with flu and stayed up late to watch the show but awoke with great lethargy on Saturday morning. My brother rushed her to our local hospital and she was placed in critical care, the seriousness of her condition has reduced, however mum is still very ill and will be an inpatient indefinitely.

We as a family would appreciate your prayers at this difficult time and those of you who know her personally and would like to meet with her should get in contact with either myself or my siblings.


  1. thanks for letting us know we will keep her in our prayer


  2. I pray that God Almighty will recover your mom ASAP.

    Kind regards

    John Bosco

  3. Dear Brother Wilson,

    We will keep praying for mother. May God heal her completely.



  4. Professor Mobeen Shahid - Vatican University14 July 2011 at 12:26

    Dear Wilson,

    we are sad to hear about your mother's sickness.

    with all will pray for her good health.

    with cordial regards!

    prof. Mobeen Shahid
    Pontificia Università Lateranense

  5. Dear Wilson,

    Greetings of peace and love!

    Sure your mother is in my prayers for soon healing. May God help you in hard moment of your mother's sickness.

    With care and love!

    Yuel Bhatti,Lahore Pakistan.

  6. Dear Wilson,

    I am sorry to hear that your mother is suffering from kidney failure and water on the lungs and she is in hospital for last 4 days. But I have strong faith in my Saviour that He is healer and He will heal your mother too. The blood of Jesus is powerful and can cure all diseases. So, i put the blood of Jesus on your mother. I have faith that she will be fine soon.

    Please you also have faith in Jesus that He will heal your mother.

    May God bless your mother with good health.amen.

    Yours brother in Christ,

    Shahbaz Anwar

  7. Dear Wilson

    I will pray for your mother. Nothing is impossible for Our Lord, who will cure her of all her illnesses.

    Praise the Lord


  8. Dear Wilson,

    MAy God bless you and your family and specially your mother. We pray to our God for your mothers full recovery.


  9. Dear Wilson

    I am sorry to hear your mother has been taken ill, please pass my love to her. I am praying for her full recovery in the Name of Jesus.

    God Bless you both, mightily.


  10. I am sorry to hear for this sad news. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


  11. Maybe you should get a petition on this website. Maybe they will back it too: