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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Working with other communities is the only way for success!

I received this encouraging email form Pakistan which has provided me with great hope.  It seems despite what some of our community feels, that more and more groups are opening the door to wider collaborations,in an attempt to bring peace  to a nation riven with violence and prejudice:

Dear Wilson Chowdhry
British Pakistani Christians Association
Greetings from Pakistan!
Your association has been doing very important work of highlighting the plight of Pakistani religious minorities and organizing Pakistani Christians Diaspora. We also appreciate your approach to raise voice for rights of all Pakistanis. Your interaction with Hindus, Sikhs, moderate Muslims and ethnic minorities e.g. Balouchis, and inviting them to participate in British Pakistani Christians Association demonstrations and other activities are steps in right direction.
Minority Rights Commission (MRC) has been doing research on minority issues in Pakistan from last ten years. We have conducted and published about 15 research reports on religious minorities of Pakistan. We are sending you our one study "Minor status major problems: State of Christians in Pakistan" published by Minority Rights Commission. In this study we have analyzed the phenomena of mob attacks against Christians in Pakistan especially in province of Punjab.  
Minorities Movement for Democracy (MMD) has been arranging demonstrations, public gatherings, rallies and Sufi conferences and formed a broader alliance of religious minorities, ethnic groups (Siraikis, Sindhis, Pashton and Balauchs), followers of Sufi Saints and Human Rights groups to challenge the rising tide of religious extremism in Pakistan.
We are also sending youtube video clips some of MMD activities:
mmdpk007-Khawaja Fareed Uras, Kot Mithan, district Rajanpur 12-3-2011
mmdpk006-Demonstration Assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti 6-3-2011
mmdpk005-Peace Conference and Bacha Khan: Torch bearer of Peace and Non-violence, Lahore 22-2-2011
mmdpk004-International Mother Language Day celebration and Protest, Multan, 21-2- 2011
mmdpk003-Hunger Strike and Protest by Siraiki Student Organization, 6-2-2011
mmdpk002-Khawaja Fareed Cultural Conference, Kot Mithan, district Rajanpur, 30-1-2011
mmdpk001-Long March by Siraiki people for separate province 20-1-2011
Sufi Mela, February 4, 2011 in Gujranwala
Tasawaf Conference March 27, 2011 in Gujranwala
In future, we want to get engage with you and your association. Hoping an early response!  
With Regards and Best wishes,
Younis Alam
Chairman Minorities Movement for Democracy (MMD)
Executive Director Minority Rights Commission (MRC)

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